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So I'm looking to convert some normal destroyers into to heavies, while making them also usable as normal destroyers. I've come up with some ideas, but really interested in yours too!

1) Easiest to implement, least destructive. My buddy suggested adding a half tube over the gauss chamber of the gauss cannon. Then from the tube have protruding gauss rods (kinda like spikes but capped short rods) to show kind of a hyper charged cannon. I could easily pin this, magnatize it, or just use temp putty with use...The idea is sound, becomes less bulky (HD's), and would be easy to change back and forth.

2) My first idea was to just use flayer tips (have extras) and just extend the tip of a normal gauss cannon. Then place a magnet on the ends and basically have a magnatized extended tip that would allow me to field it as a destroyer OR Heavy Destroyer.

Thoughts? Also, what are you ideas, seen any good posts, PICS I'd love to see...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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