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Saviour of the worthy
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Hi all, I've just ordered three Warhound Titans from FW and I thought I would write a background story

Thanks for reading


The detachment of three Lucius pattern Warhound Titans, recently seconded from the Legio Hellios, were standing sombrely in the darkness of the battlefield staging area, while behind the scenes the crew diligently performed their rituals of warfare and prepared each one for combat. The detachment commander, Chief Princept Kyran Ral, is a stern taskmaster with over two hundred years of loyal service to the Emperor. He confidently oversees each stage of preparation on his command Titan, Absolution, one of the newer Jackal class armed with a Turbo Laser and an Inferno Cannon as primary weapons.

Kyran thought to himself that this Titan, at two thousand years since its first activation, was in fact the youngest of the three, while he was the oldest Princept here, and then, just as suddenly, he dismissed the thought as irrelevant.

The other members of the detachment are both Wolf class, Princept Harklen Fultz commands Retribution and Princept Radon Kelt commands Desolation, each Titan is armed with a Vulcan Megabolter and a Plasma Blastgun as their primary weapons. Both men looked up to Kyran Ral, albeit with an acute awareness that he would execute them in a blink of an eye for dereliction of duty or some other crime against efficient and effective service to the Emperor. The Chief Princept was well known for his “outbursts” of loyalty and his harsh definition of such service and while such devotion was welcomed, desired in fact, he did have a history of saving Titans but losing their crews.

Kyran again suppressed thoughts, this time of the other crews and their performance in the upcoming battles, both for their duty to the Emperor and their obedience to his orders. Fultz and Kelt will be watched very closely, he added, and then dismissed the thought.

Elements of the Cadian 8th Battle Group were also preparing for battle, only not as quietly as the Titan crews, although probably as diligently… probably. The 5th Cadian Shock Troop Battalion, which included the 23rd Kasrkin Stormtrooper Company; seemed overflowing with equipment and heavy weapon teams and was the noisiest group, obviously. The Battalion was under strength, comprising just two Companies, and was bolstered by the addition of the 151st Mechanised Company, all veterans and mounted in Chimeras. The Kasrkin were, of course, secretive of their mission plans but everyone knew that they waited for the 168th Combat Support Wing of the Imperial Navy, comprising of Valkyries, Vendettas and Vultures, to transport them behind enemy lines.

The most impressive group was the massed vehicles of the 11th Super Heavy Tank Regiment; the 101st Heavy Tank Regiment; and elements of the 112th Artillery Regiment; whose crews silently milled around their respective machines, confidently, as if it was just another day. The three companies of the 101st looked very organised with row upon row of Leman Russ and their many variants, while the Basilisk and Hydra of the 112th looked almost elegant with their long necks reaching for the heavens. However, it was the awesome vision of the super heavies that took your breath away, the mighty ancient war machines with mystical names of Baneblade, Hellhammer, Shadowsword, Stormblade, and Stormsword, to name a few, each resting majestically against the backdrop of chaotic activity.

The battle was looming closer…

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Interesting begining. Your writing captures how a princept would think quite well, as he would undoubtably pay close attention to armaments, positions of men, classes of tanks etc..
In a normal story, I wouldn't delve too deeply into this approach however, as it becomes more informative than an actual story. However, this is a background story, so its alright to do it here.
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