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Got a 2250 match this weekend against a High Elf
And this is what i plan on taking to the dance...
Unit 1:
Tomb King (general) 272
Blade of setep
Armor of the ages
Talisman of protection

Liche priest 155
Blue khepra

Tomb Guard x16 250
Champ muse and SB
Icon of Rakaph

Unit 2:
Skeleton Heavy Horsemen x10 220
Champ Muse Standard
Banner of the undying legion

Liche Priest 168
Skeletal Steed
staff of ravening

unit 3:
Chariots x3 210
champ muse standard
mirage standard

unit 4:
skeleton warriors x10 140
champ muse standard
light armour
standard of the cursing word

unit 5:
Liche Priest 325
casket of souls
golden ahnkra

unit 6:
Screaming Skull catapult 110
Skulls of the foe

unit 7:
Ushabti x5 325

tomb scorpion 85
tomb scorpion 85

this puts me exactly 31 points short of 2250, i was thinking of cutting out one ushabti and using the points to run a unit of 2 tomb swarms. still new to these forums specifically but i always take questions and commentary well.

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Wow... lots of banners XD tell me how it worked out please, and you're the first I've seen who didn't take a liche with cloak of dunes for Heirophant, which btw is your first liche listed? Don't let him die, he's a weak little son of a liche, other than that, it looks nice, I like to have chariots travel in packs of 4 though. But you can't knock something until you try it, so please post a follow up of the game, thanks.

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Unit 1: Switch the Talisman of Protection for the Vambraces. They will help you out more.

Unit 2: I would recommend SLHs, but Heavies may work too... Be sure not to push this unit too hard. It's just Skellies, with a faster movement value and +1 S in a charge.

Unit 3: Erase all command options. They will not help you out at all! By doing this, you can afford more Chariots instead. Add one Chariot to this Unit. 50 points to spend elsewhere!

Unit 4: I would say that this unit is totally a waste of points. If they, by any means would work, it would be as Bowmen. Erase the LA, all command options and the Magic Banner - keep your Cheap Units CHEAP ;) 60 points.

Unit 5: GA is not to recommend on the Casket Priest. The Casket itself grants him enough protection, so the points could be spent elsewhere. Give him Enkhil's and a Scroll instead, or the Hieratic Jar.

Unit 6: Good, classic.

Unit 7: WOA! :O 5 Shabs! :dance: To be honest, it is kind of an Over-kill... 4 is enough, since the Shabs cost alot. 65 points here.

ICFBs: Great to have some Char Hunters.

Adds (175 points to spend):

There is many options now. I would highly suggest this one, but you could make up others too.

Add 7 TGs to Unit 1. Add 10 Bowmen to Unit 4. Add Standard Bearer to Unit 4.

Hope It Helps!

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