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tk or dw

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hi guys, I am fairly new to whfb and have been reading through the forums to see which army I should choose. I have decided I will invest my money in either the tomb kings or the dwarfs. i was originally set on going with the dwarfs wen i was told that they were boring to play. is this true??? any advice will be greatly appreciated :yes:
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Well, if there is a nonbeginner friendly army its probably tomb kings. Dwarfs on the other hand are tough, and a great starter army. And besides if dwarfs are boring to collect, then how are tomb kings any better:wacko: ?
thanks for the advice julius, i never said that the dwarfs were boring to collect i just overheard sumone saying their game style was very repetitive.
Dont worry about this thread anymore. I've decided to go as the O&G :w00t:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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