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Thanks for all the feed back on my last post.
Here is my question of the day, how small of a game would you use a Land raider in ??

I am working on lists for a 1500pt Worldeaters army for a small leauge with my friends. There is quite a bit diversitey among my them, so a well rounded list is the only safe option ( the only force I do not encounter reagularly is DE and L&tD.)
I would like to include 1 LR and see how it works , I figure I can use it with my termies or load it up with some cheap beserkers and keep em guessing.
I will be including a small group of termies (3x LT claw,1 pwr fist, 1combi flamer) in the army because I have the models.
my goal is to be a little taticaly flexible while still having a strong anti tank unit

To reiterate , What is the smallets points value you would use a LR in? And how would you get the most value out of your investment?
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