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Tomb Lord of Cathay

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I'm building a Tomb Kings army based on Qui Shi Huang's (thanks to Grey for the name help) terracotta army found in his underground crypt, which gave me the whole idea, but I have a problem. How do I convert the non-skeleton models? I have the skellies covered, but how would I go about other things, like the Carrion, Tombs Scorpions, Tomb Swarms, and such. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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I think eastlings are great for their armour (you'll need to something about their helmets though) but to convert each model to stand at attention is going to be a marathon.
I have the grunt soldiers down, I mean the non-skeleton models
hmmmmm, good question... Well tomb swarms could be replaced by Skaven rat swarms, Since China isn't really big on scorpions. Tomb Scorpions... I honestly have no clue on a conversion here. Try to think of a staple of asian animal stereotype and convert a mechanical one. oooo, an idea just came to me, how about a jade dragon. The whole mechanical dragon/lion thing would fit in and might look nifty if you pull it off. As for Carrions... Maybe just make them more alive looking.
yep i agree with Morkai; dragons are a must have.. i dont know to much about tomb kings armies (actually i know bugger all) but i really think a dragon or 2 is a must have; and you could probably go either a skeleton dragon or a normal looking one.. id probably do 2 normal looking ones, one green/jade and one red..
Also how do you plan to do the armour (if your putting any) on the skeletons? are you planning to do a samurai-type armour or are you going more for peasants clothing? and what about the leader of the army? is he going to be a skeleton type or a human? i like the idea of doing a 'Mummy Returns' type character, fluffwise being that even after death he protects his lands from attackers, returning to human form to fight, bringing an army of loyal undead soldiers with him.. and i reckon itd be cool if you had it appear as though they had broken out of the terracota statues like they were their sarcophogus's, so have bits of the terracota still on them, or on the ground around them, and even have a couple still breaking free from their terracota statues, with only their heads, arms and upper torsos visible!
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Ok...for the last time their will be no, i repeat NO skeletons. The models I'm using for the statues look a bit like this: but they all have katanas or bows. The models come in two poses each, but aside from that look all the same, and I'm going to paint them grey with their armor red.

As for the leaders, they will be the mummified remains of the Emperor and his retainers, and so I'll be converting them with Clan War pieces and the Tomb King character pieces. The dragon idea sounds cool, but i might just use the head of a big serpent one to look like its coming out of the ground, thoughts?

Any more ideas are welcome.
Tomb Scorpion: Jade Dragon/Serpent
Ushabti: Terracotta Golems: Ogres with a few details filed off and painted Terracotta
Tomb Swarms: Rat Swarms
Carrion: Carrion
Bone Giant: See Ushabti, use Giant Model.
I'm with Revlid on the units. Though I think you should give the Carrions longer tailfeathers and paint them as peac0cks. All them colours combined with the fleshy parts would look awsome:) and still dignified.
hmm, well, i agree with the dragon idea, I'm not sure about the tomb scorpion's base size.. if it is a chariot base, grab some plastic dragon sprues and make a wingless dragon. If it is supposed to be smaller, i would suggest making a lion, the Ogre Kingdom's book mentions a jade lion in wargear, so perhaps a giant spectral lion to aid your army.

I think you're going to have to get rat swarms for Tomb Swarms.

Carrion, how about grabbing some wood elf bits and making giant crows?

Have you done anything for the screaming Skull catapult? I'm really not sure what one could do with those... maybe bitz order the dish and the arm of the Ogre Kingdoms scraplauncher and combine that with the Brettonian Trebuchet. Otherwise you might have to do something along the lines of a mortar, or, perhaps you could make some Elementalist-type wizards on raised platforms?

A Bone Giant i'm stuck on... maybe just don't take one?

Something you may want to try would be Ogre Leadbelchers, With some Greenstuff you can fix their bodies to period Cathayan armor, and even fix the cannons to be more in line with the cathayan theme (considering Cathay has probably been dealing with gunpowder for quite some time now)
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Do some Chariots. Or or make em ghost chariot HAHAHA (evil laugh not laughing at you).
Ya, and do you meen the emortal emperor of chinas terracota army?
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