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tooled up chaplin or tooled up librarian?

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i currently use a very successful epistolary librarian he has veil of time, iron halo, artificer armour,plasma pistol and jump pack i normaly deploy him with in two inches of my assult squad which has three more plasma pistols an two bolt pistols. then he cant be targeted and at the soonist posible chance i get he joins that as i have said they are very succesfull accept recently against a monolith ap3 pie plate shot, they didnt like that at all! but thats a hole other story.

recently though i have spoke to people and they have said chaplins are the way to go, i dont have one painted up but i am thinking about it, but i do love getting to re-role vertually everything in my turn and force staff of death goodness in their combat faze.

so any ideas for and against either? they would be much appreciated.

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Chaplins are meant to be kept cheap as they come with so much, use them to get a good point vs effectiveness HQ. Chaplins are far better leading assault squads IMO because they don't make the squad a major points sink.

Librarians are there to take out big nastys (such as daemon princes) and to support other units (with say, storm of the emporers wrath). The best way to use Librarians IMO is to give them a terminator command squad and just hunt down really tough nasties, if the Librarian fails, the powerfists of the terminators certainly won't.
I use a master of sanctity with terminator honours, bolt pistol, artificer armour, frags.
this gives you a 3 wound character with 5 attacks, a 2+ save, 4+ invulnerable save, re-rolls all missed rolls to hit when charging (for the whole squad, not just him). for 137 pts.
Yes, Librarians are great character killers. but chaplains can do the same job. i give him a cheap command squad, 3 marines with BP and CCW, 1 company champ (great for CC and only costs 35 points) and 1 meltagun. and a drop pod..
Assult squads are probably more effective but i find this to be alot more fun.
It really depends what you want to get out of it.. r u playing to win and only want what works best? or do u play for fun and take what you personally like etc ?..
personally i dont think there is alot of difference in effectiveness between lib's and chap's. it really just falls down to what YOU prefer..
yeah i think i will give it ago.

i play for the enjoymont of all parts of the game e.g. the narative, the immagination that fantasy role play brings, for the moments of great honour when a scout sargent kills a hive tyrant or great shame when a demolisher cannon fails to kill a single gaunt, but i deffinetly enjoy the tactical side to the game, military tactics fascinate me.

the chaplin sounds like great fun thanks i will deffinatly paint him up and give him a try.


AS the guys have said, Chaplains make good leaders fro assault based squads, I would not bother with Arty armour cos once they are in the squad, they can not be targeted unles it is in close combat, in which case if it is standing long enough to hit him it probably has a power weapon,
My standard chaplain rig is:

Crozius + rosarius obviously, bolt pistol, termie honours, frags. if you want him to go with the assault squads, give himthe jump pack. Some people add plasma pistols to this mix
i give my chappy dual light claws for fun times

here is my set up
jump pack
dual lightning claws
termie honours
i just normally go with a basic chaplin to lead my assult squad as normall just his presence with an assult squad is enuff to cause your enemy to take preses move's to stay clear of it waste loads of shots trying to take them out.

just my two cents worth
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