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total noob help wanted

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i am new to forums and this warhammer stuff so this is a total noob question

i just won what the seller is calling 15 space marine catachan fighters with a metal auto cannon (aint complaining if its wrong as it was only a few quid) now i want to build an army around this, so can anyone tell me what i will need to buy or point me in the general direction of a list of miniatures i will need

many thanks

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Hmm Im not sure if "Space Marine Catachan Fighters" are Imperial Guard or Space Marines. I'll just list some things that you should get if you start one.

First off get the Rulebook and Codex for the army you want to start (space marines or imperial guard im assuming). Go around the forumn and read some of the tacticas for the armies and get to know them.

If you want Space Marines things to consider would be:
-Another box of Space Marines (probally a tactical squad)
-Devastator Squad or Predator or Dreadnought with Missle Launcher and Twin-Linked Lascannon
-Assault Squad or Bikers
-Rhino for one of the Tactical Squads

That should give you a good base list. You would have a speedy squad to zoom up the flanks, a heavy support to take out armour, 2 solid troop choices, a solid HQ and a Rhino to carry around one of your squads.

If you want Imperial Guard things to consider might be:
-Command Squad
-Another box of Catacans
-Catachans Battle Force
-Some Setinals

I don't know much about Imperial Guard but I think that would give you a good base army.

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many thanks for the reply, i am getting the hang of this internet thing now and realised i dont have to trawl through 1000`s of pages as there is a search function in this forum so i am currently hammering it and looking for information, well trying to

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