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Hey this is the first time I have posted here. Since I only just descovered this vantastic sight. I have been playing warhammer fantasy for about 6 years all of which I have been playing competitively. I have just recently purchased ogres and am very exited about this army. I have been number crunching lists:wacko: . Ok, I have come up with a list that can take care of many types of of armys including heavy hitting ones and magic centered, which are very common at big tournaments. I will explain my choices and explain my strategys.

Tyrant - Gut maw and 3 Gnoblar Thief stones. As well as a great wepon, heavy armor and 2 sword gnoblars. (305)

The point of this character is to be able to let the unit take on calvary and win, He has no ward save, but makes up with it by the maw. So he is a challege aholic. He goes in the Bull unit.<p>

Butcher - Dispell scroll. As well as two tooth gnoblars. (165)

The point of this character is to be able to mabey get off a spell mabey... but to have the one dispell scroll to get rid of that one game swinging spell that must not go off. Goes in the Iron guts unit.<p>

Hunter - 2 cats and beast killer and grayback belt. (235)

The point of this character is to take out all those big monsters, as terror can still affect my army. With one lucky wound roll, I can do 6 wounds, plus I can hid in a forst and help out the gnoblar trappers.


7 Bulls(general goes here) - Armed with light armor and iron fists.

I like this because an ogre with aa 4+ save in combat cant be beat on a charge being taken. plus on a charge on with me charging an extra attack. Its all about versitility. I gave them a standard and a musician. (331)<p>

7 Iron Guts (butcher goes here) - I gave the magical standard rune maw banner. This way if a spell is cast on them it is most licly deflected upon my ogres which is at a maggic resistace 3. They have a standard and a musician. They must be placed within 6 inches of the general, may seem constricting but really isnt. 2 huge units of ogres together is good. (376).<p>

20 Gnoblars - These are given nothing. Like they could. They are for the points of a table quarter. I dislike them as screeners since they hamper the movment of the ogres but if agains a super shooter I have too. (40)<p>
8 gnoblar scouts - These are for the usual reasons, preventing marching, war macs. and to kill those other scouts or at least let them kill this crappy unit instead of hurting my my good units. I dont like the champion I like point crunching and this was a nessesary to kill him for what he does.(48).<p>

Special <p>
3 Leadbelchers - These are my flanking units still have bull charge with the unit of 3 and thats why i have them at 3 and not at two. I like the fact that they can fire every turn if they make no movment in the movment phase. I know this fact may be challenged but until it is changes in the rule book it, they can fire stand still and fire the next shooting phase. (175)<p>

3 leadbelchers - Same as above.<p>


1 Gorger - This is for the shooting that is devastating if unchecked against my ogres. (75)

1 Gorger - This second is to make sure that the shooting is keeped in check. Some may not agree, but with a second one, the probablility of one comming on at turn 2 is 75 percent and that is great. Even if one is blown to pieces by there shooting, then there not shooting at my other ogres, or my hunter wich can take care of shooting too. You may think I am paranoid about shooting, but if you have ever been on a competative tournament you know how powerful well constructed shooting magic armies can be. SO I stand by in my decision.(75)<p>


I make sure that the two major units are put together, and the leadbelchers are on the flanks, the gnoblars are as described above, The spells will most likly be dispelled, the ones that target units. and on turn two their shooting should be concered with the beasts that are immanent. Other than that the terain is a major factor, ad depends on set up for what will occure.<p>

I have gone against high elves and khorn with great sucess. As khorn is suseptable to lures of the gnoblar hunters and the high elves only hope was a great commet since i dispelled all magic and as described on turn two both came out and caused them to shoot at the gorgers and not my unit of bulls. all in all I am pleased with this roster and just wanted some minor critiques if you can explain your decision I will do my best to answer it with my reasons thx.

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I have edited your test to include spaces.

A second scroll for your butcher, or a bang stick.

Ironfists and light armour makes your bulls very expensive, naked with clubs will let you feild more, and keep your units cheap.

Musicians for your leadbelchers.

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i appoligise my lead belcher have musicians. Just forgot to post them, but thx for the spacing. The second scroll was unneccesary so far. I have been able to get by with one since i usually can go wizard hunting at turn 3,4. Offencive magic is also counter intuative, since those 25 points are very strained. I like the 4 up save on the bulls, they are only 2 heavy units in the game and for the points thay are effective enough since there is my general in the unit. I have tried naked but with that even streanth 3 attacts can kill a bull. but thx for some opinions.
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