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I went to Cancon again this year. I took the following list:

Shas'el - plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, multitracker 97
with Bodyguard - plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, multitracker 82

Shas'el - plasma rifle, fusion blaster, targeting array, multitracker 97

2 Crisis - plasma rifle, missile pod, multitracker, team leader, targeting array 139
2 Crisis - twinlinked missile pods, targeting arrays 106
4 Stealths - arrays 160

12 Fire Warriors in Devilfish - decoys 205
12 Fire Warriors in Devilfish - decoys 205
6 Fire Warriors - shas'ui, markerlight, emp grenade 83
10 Kroot 70
10 Kroot 70
10 Kroot 70

2 Broadsides - ASS, team leader, 2 shield drones, bonding 200
Hammerhead - railgun, burst cannons, decoys, multi 165


First game was against some guy who has just started playing warhammer. He used blood angels, it was a nice list with a dread and baal pred, an honor guard, the only thing scary were the jump packed death company and the lascannon devastator squad. But it was an easy win.

Second game was against daemonhunters. Another very nice list, 3 squads of 10, termies, land raider, and dread. They all died though.

Third game was a difficult game. Double holo fire prisms, 9 fire dragons in wave serpent, banshees, jetbikes, and 3 squads of footslogging dire avengers with avatar. I used a devilfish to stop the stealths from being tank shocked, but did no such thing for the broadsides, and they ran off the board. I killed everything but the banshees that didn't arrive until turn 5, and the holo tanks. But it was omega cleanse and he had a quarter that counted as two because of the mission, I didn't. So I lost.

Fourth game was against imperial guard. His infantry squads were flamer and storm bolters, he had 2 squads with 4 meltaguns, and an armored fist squad with plasmagun and pistol. A lemun russ, hellhound, griffen (whirlwind), 2 squads of 3 lascannons and a squad of 3 heavy bolters, and finally rough riders. He couldn't roll to hit and I couldn't fail armor saves, so I won.

Fifth game was against tyranids. 2 hive tyrants with 2 guard, 3 dakka fexes, 3 venom devourer fexes. Alpha take and hold. 12"*12" piece of 5+ area terrain exactly in the middle of the board (all 8 bugs were in it at one point). Move forward, move forward, into terrain, sit.

I did 16 T7 2+ wounds, he just regened 9 of them. So I lost.

Sixth game was against ultramarines. A very nice list, whirlwind, predator, 4*missile devs, 2*5 lascannon squad, 10 man hb plas squad, assault marines, and termies with assault cannons. It was a hero mission (you got an extra model). I ran my hero towards his for some entertainment, but he deep struck the termies and killed him. That won me the game however, as I then killed the termies and they didn't kill anything of mine that was important (the hero was only marginally important). 3 railgun wounds took out his hero (eternal warrior).

Seventh game was against tyranids. Leaping warriors, hormies, spinegaunts, termagaunts, dakkafex, sniperfex, dakkatyrant, leaping rippers, 2 warp blast zoeys and a catalyst zoey. The best move I did all game was kill the rippers first turn with my command squad (there were plenty of other juicy targets, like the zoey's). I won the game during his second turn, where he charged my kroot with 9 hormies (I'd killed 13 in my 2 turns). The kroot killed all 9 (but they also all died). The rest was just squeezing out more battle points, I got the full 40 (my third full 40).

Eighth game was against orks. He was the only ork player at the tournie, and he was doing very well. 140 orks, battle wagon, 4 buggies, unit of bikes with warboss, and zapp gun artillery. There were 30 orks and 2 buggies left at the end of the game, where as I had 6 crisis, stealths, all my kroot, and broadsides left. This was the only game I lost my hammerhead, and it was because they were rushing us to finish the tourny I forgot to move it, and he penned it with a squad of tank busters running away. (The hammerhead didn't even get shot until the 4th game, where it got shaken once. Against bugs it was stunned twice and shaken once, 6th and 7th game it didn't even get shot again).

That ork player came 2nd overall (7th best general I think). It was my fault he didn't come first (and hence why they were rushing us, the TO wanted to know who won the tourny!).

Players mark the opponent out of 5 for composition. Nice armies get 4 or 5, double lash prince armies get 1 or 2. I got an average 4.125 for comp.

6 wins, 2 losses, 3rd best general and 7th overall.


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Nice army buddy. It's well painted and a winners army.

Buut... they kind of.. go with the table.. which makes the army look really weird >_<

Maybe put them on a city background? or a wargame background?

Wher dat naked blue chik?
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Congrats on taking the bronze for general. I didn't see it, but how many people were there?

I'm digging your commander convert. I've always wanted to do that, but to touch shadowsun would probably melt my hand off. Do you have 20 green kroot, 10 red?
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