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Tournament setup help.

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Hey everyone,

My local club is getting ready to host a WH40K tournament. The owner is thinking along the lines of:

"At this stage I'm thinking:

- early December
- open list
- 1500 pts
- 1st Place prize
- Best Sportsman
- $20 entry (same as the Fantasy tournament)

Things to consider;

- 1 or 2 days
- number of games
- etc"

I'm just after some input from some tournament goers (the friendly club kind, not uber competitive) as to how we should go about this to make it the best experience for everyone.

Draake :beer:
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Depends on how many people you expect to show up, and pay of course. Because then you could spread the wealth by offering the typical RTT best appearance, and best general in addition to the 2 you've already listed.

(sorry if that came off the mean the internet doesn't convey mood or tone very well)

But in terms of the rest, the general setup seems fine so far. Games? If it's going to be one day do 3, similar scores play similar scores (no one-sided fights now :)). If 2 is more to your liking then do 5, your call there. I recommend 1 day because then it's not a total road block for the rest of my weekend; errands, family, etc. I don;t know how to answer etc. unfortunatley but if you want a scoring system or want to know hoe I run my tournaments just ask.
(sorry if that came off the mean the internet doesn't convey mood or tone very well)
Nope all good mate. :beer: I guess there will be minimum 10 people, maybe 15-20 if we're lucky.

typical RTT best appearance
What is this?

I've never played in / setup a tournament before, rather I'm asking here on behalf of my club. When you say number of games, I thought it went like this: everyone is paired up for first round, play a game using standard rules (rolling for game type, deployment etc), winner advances, loser (such a harsh word, don't know what else to use) goes into the B pool (if there even is one.

edit: but what I'm understanding from you is that two people are paired up, play 3 games and record the results. I spend about 3-4 hours on a 1500 point game...
Or do you mean, each person plays a max 3 games against random people? Drawn out of a hat perhaps?
Hahaha naw but I've got to try that sometime. (drawing out of a hat)

RTT = Rogue trader tournament, which has 4 awards: best overall (1st), best general (2nd), best sportsman, and best appearance (best painted) and strangely enoguh the only one I havn't won is best sportsmen but thats another story for another day :).

Yes you (or whomever the director be) pairs people up (randomly really) for the 1st round, from then on it's winners against winners (or draws with full points, but that's later) losers and draws against each other (once again though depends on battle points). Losers are never completely out of the running as I've dominated in round 1, lost in round 2, and then dominated again to obtain a best general.

So to answer your question yes, max of 3 games per person (3HR time limit as a suggestion with lunch/dinner in between one of the games) against random people (directors choice) on an equal level (this goes back to winner V. winner)

Now here's a simple points system to make my explanation make sense:
Win - 5pts
Draw - 3 pts
Loss - 1pt

then like I said earlier how "full point" draws play winners there's typically some bonus objectives like (another simple one)
- Did you kill your opponents highest HQ +1
- Did you kill all your opponents scoring units +1
- Did you kill your opponents Highest point cost unit +1

so to break the whole "pool" down again, after your first game (when you now have scores) 8's would play 8's 5's on 6's ans so on.

Once again if you're still unclear or want advice lemme know.
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Thanks for the tips girlhunter, I'll run them past my club owner. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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