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Well, got another tourney coming up this january and going as a team, we decided the 4th army to be the Druchii. We've got the following restrictions on dark elves:

No more than 5 magic levels (1 if a dragon is included)
Ring of Hotek, Sacrificial Dagger, Pendant and focus familiar each count as a magic level
Assassins may not exceed the number of Khainite units in the army
Black guard models may not exceed executioner models
Total number of Repeater crossbows( incl. shades and dark riders ) may not exceed the number of warriors
Shades: Max unit size 5

No more than 9 pd can be used in a turn, including bonus dice of all sorts. Bound spells count as one dice each
Max 3 dispel scrolls
Max 2 flying units

the last three points are in effect for all armies.
While the restrictions seem pretty harsh, bear in mind other armies got some severe restrictions as well, especially the top-tier ones.

Here is the army I've come up with:

Supreme sorceress, lvl 4, dark pegasus, black staff and ring of darkness, 405pts

Death Hag (the general) with Manbane and rune of khaine, cauldron of blood, 250pts

Master, BSB, Armour of Darkness, Ring of Hotek, GW (goes with the BG), 159pts

Assassin, add. hw, rune of Khaine and Manbane, 146pts


10x repeater crossbow men with shields, 110pts

20x warrrios with FC and shields, 155pts

14x corsairs with add. hw, FC and standard of the sea serpent.

5x dark riders with repeaters, 110

5x harpies, 55pts


18x black guards with FC and standard of Hag Graef, 304pts

18x executioners with FC and War Banner, 271pts

5x shades

Reaper Bolt thrower, 100pts

War Hydra, 175pts

Total: 2500pts

The idea is to make a solid centre with the executioners and bg's as the anchor points and the ring of hotek helping to protect from magic, the cauldron is somewhere close to these two units, making the executioners stubborn as well as helping out with the gifts of Khaine. Shades and dark riders will flank and nip at enemy war machines/skirmishers. The sorceress can fly around and avoid the effect of the Ring of Hotek, while being reasonbly protected by the Ring of Darkness. The Hydra will run around and use its breathweapon, eat people and in general being a pain.

Any thoughts/comments more than welcome. Mostly worried about my lack of magic defense (ie 4 dd and no scrolls). Of course, I'll be facing at most 9pd. I'm tempted to switch the corsairs banner for a crimson death on the champion in the BG's for those str. 6 attacks with ASF

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With comp that stupid they might as well just hand you the list and tell you what to play. On top of telling you your list, they should also stand over shoulder and tell you how to play. Personally I would just tell the TO to fold up his rules into sharp corners and tell him to....

Anyways rant out the way. There is some issues with your list as is. Since you are going to have a magic phase despite the TO fear of magic, you shouldn't be playing with the ring of hotek. Try the seal of ghrond. It gives you an extra dispel dice without needing a wizard. Dispel dice are generally more reliable, and help the most against VC where they don't regularly throw 3 dice at something.

Since the cauldron isn't meant to be in combat, don't give her combat abilities, especially 50 points worth.

frenzy corsairs don't need champs or music. They win by killing as much as possible.

I personally would make the assassin a rending stars manbane one and put him in the shades unit for some high strength stupid RxB rule exempt shooting.

I would also go another unit of dark riders over the RxB warriors. They are much more useful, and don't take up nearly as much space. Plus it frees up composition so you can take another unit of dark riders or shades if you wanted.

Since I suggest ditching the ring or hotek, I would also ditch the ring of darkness for the pendant of khaeleth. A level 4 wizard with 2 power of darkness castings has a good chance of getting miscasts. Since she is out flying on her own, she also could get sniped quite a bit. Having a ward save against cannon/bolt thrower fire that only fails 1/6 times is pretty nice to have.

I don't think you need a champ in the executioners squad. It really doesn't do much, and if you are using the cauldron you should have enough volume without it. You also don't need music with black guard. With stubborn ItP AND a war banner in the unit, you probably won't ever need to worry about running away in tied combats. The point of BG is killing things and hold against anything. So try to get CD on that champ.

I hope my suggestions help. The trick to playing in a comp tourney that is that restrictive is to figure out the cheese that the TO missed, or that is cheese with the new restrictions. If it weren't for the 1 for 1 BG to executioners restriction, I would have suggested witches. I don't personally know If I would even run BG if I had to take a entire short bus full of terrible, slow, and expensive executioners. Actually I would refuse to bring either and just bring witches and cold ones. Or just spam cold one chariots (I think I can get 8....) Have you seen what 7 wide ASF (bsb hag) armor piercing killing blow stubborn witches can do? Give the BSB hag rune, the champ rune, and the cauldron grants KB: That equals 24 + 2d3 poison killing blow attacks. Just an idea, not actually suggesting it. It is cheese that actually would be good withing the comp restrictions though.

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Well, tried out the list yesterday, but didn't really reach any sort of conclusion, seeing as my sorceress decided to miscast twice in turn 1 and hence took 2 wounds and lost a magic level, then died in the daemon players turn 2. Might try out that mix of cold one knights and witch elves though, thanks Nab :act-up:
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