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[ToXG] Dwarfs

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My friend has recently got into fantasy and bought himself a buckload of High Elves. I've decided to start dwarfs to give him an opponent (also my other friend used to play dwarves so still has a couple of units I can get cheap). The army wil be bought in a strict "that looks pretty cool" manner, and I'll try and make a armylist out of the mess this causes later on.

Unfortunately, the first recruits may not arrive in time for the official start tomorrow (hope it's not a problem) but I will post a pic ASAP.

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As a fellow Tale of X Gamer I wish you luck upon your endevour into the halls of Grungni, will be keeping an 0) on this thread to see some painted stumpies. :)
As a fellow Tale of X Gamer I wish you luck upon your endevour into the halls of Grungni, will be keeping an 0) on this thread to see some painted stumpies. :)
Thanks, you to.

Luckily, my friend came round today with his dwarves and has let me have them until I get the money for them. I believe I'm getting about £100 worth for £40, a great deal IMO. Not sure what some of the units are but I'm sure I'll work it out, and I'm not planning to paint them depending on which unit they're in so it does not matter.

Here is an army shot:

(hope the IMG works...)

And a unit of 20 warriors awaiting painting (the paint on them is my friend's before he got bored and will be different to my scheme). They will be equipped with great weapons and shields=220pts.

I hope to get a test model done for tomorrow and will post it then.

Until then, goodbye.
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Test model:

Looking at these pictures I definitely need to clean him up a bit but the scheme is there. I think I'll redo the skin as well, don't really like the look of it.

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Looking at these pictures I definitely need to clean him up a bit but the scheme is there. I think I'll redo the skin as well, don't really like the look of it.

Hi, looks good so far. However, why not paint something small on the model with red, to have two contrasting colours? Maybe the shield?
Even some lining on the cloak would suit, since going for the silver gold combo means white and yellow shouldn't be used to readily (to keep the contrast). Some brown somewhere in there could work as well, but the silver-gold-green combo has always been a classic dwarf scheme to me and works well with them.

Good luck painting the rest of them though :p
Dwarfs have always been an interest to me but I've never really had a massive urge to splash the cash on them. I guess the massive amount of metal regiments always put me off, maybe when they get redone and are all plastic and nice I'll have a go!

With regards to your test model, its almost 1am so it might be my eyes but it feels like the cloak could do with a little more work - maybe an extra highlight colour in there. I also can't really tell from the pictures but having a stab at some edge highlights on the metals before washing them really makes them pop, especially in a dwarf army with its abundance of metals. Otherwise it tends to end up a little bit like a sea of chainmail/boltgun metal :)

Good luck with the army fellow taler, I'll be watching! :)
Behold, I bring more pics.

I've decided to paint them five at a time, however halfway through I realised I had no boltgun metal :0 So the metals have not been touched (don't ask me why that prevented me from doing the bronzes, as I do not know). Also the green isn't finished, needs more highlighting.

Thanks for all the advice, I added a touch of red to the models for contrast (and may add more later).

Without further ado, 5 WIP dwarfs:

Finally got a heads count in of the models I now own:
1 Dwarf Lord, w/ shieldbearers
1 Runelord
10 Ironbreakers
1 cannon + crew
1 Organ gun + crew
10 Slayers + Slayer Standard Bearer
10 Quarrellers
67 warriors: 36 with axes and shields; 14 with just axes; 4 standard bearers, 3 w/ shields; 2 with hammer and shields; and 11 with hammers, shields and cloaks.
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Thats alot of dwarfs! Apart from the batallion I already own I'm being made to buy units after I've painted what I have by my friends... I have the terrible habit of buying a army, painting a unit and then leaving it (like the wood elves last month!). So I admire you being able to stick to a task! I guess thats why we're all doing this, as motivation :)

The WIP models look great :) I'm actually really excited to see what your army looks like as by some twist of fate i've never seen a full dwarf army not in a GW publication! So yeah, consider that a 'paint paint paint and more painting!' plea :D
Looking very nice Sancraer, the red and green contrast really suiting the army. I'II be interested to see how that mixes with the bronze/gold you'll eventually be painting on there!

Also, the champion looks like he's trying to give someone a hug :p
They look very good to me, nice work !
Did you get anything done this weekend?

Sorry, just rather enthusiatic about seeing dwarfs haha.
I think that is the best thing about this ToXGs, we will get to see the final product ie. finished armies YaY!
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They're looking good so far, I do have a few comments on the painting. I spot some mistakes, for example the middle dwarf on the last picture, it looks like some of the green has gone onto the chainmail. That needs cleaning up. The cloth on the arms looks too much like a flesh tone to me, I would have considered a light to mid-tone brown for the sleeves. Overall the minis are a great start and I look forward to seeing them grow!

Time to rekindle some interest with this thread.

But not with pics (sorry for getting you excited).

But with the promise of pics. :) When I find my camera then I have done a lot of work. All 20 warriors have basecoats and by the time I have my camera will probably only need highlighting and the metals (and the red on the shield...).

So watch this space.
I love dwarf armies; the fluff is cool, the way they play is cool, even the models are cool. The only reason that I'm not doing them is because when I built a few I realised that to be fully satisfied I would have to do a rather un-godly amount of converting to satisfy myself. But enough on my failings! I like your choice of colour scheme (please get a shamrock on a banner!), and will certainly be following your work.
A fellow Dwarf painter :p.
Like your scheme, green always look good on cloaks doesnt it?
Cant wait for the pictures, hurry up! ;-)
Guess what?

Just need to do the metals (still haven't got hold of that boltgun metal yet...), highlighting, the shields and basing, and then squad(?) done. Speaking of basing, anyone got any ideas for what I should do? (the models are stuck to the base which makes it slightly harder, but I can attempt anything).

[MENTION=49041]Leafblower[/MENTION], yes I really like painting green, the paint is normally a good thickness and its very easy to highlight
[MENTION=36596]ChadMS[/MENTION], what sort of conversions, might have a go at a couple later on
[MENTION=36191]King[/MENTION] Ulrik, I tried brown and it looked funny. I think the grey is a good replacement
[MENTION=34595]waddywoos[/MENTION], sorry for making you wait, but posts like yours really help me to get it done

p.s. rank by rank pics when they're finished.
p.s.s. I used slightly different settings and angles for these pics. Which one looks the clearest/best?

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3rd double post in 2 days, I hate my mum's computer. :(
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The pictures of your last batch seem to look better.
Looking good, Mighty Green Dwarfs ;-). Orks would say "green iz best!"

For basing: dark brown colors (think forest dirt) would contrast nicely with al that green.
I suggest you get glue that can be thinned with water (usually the cheapest stuff you can find, and it's colorless/clear) you can then use an old brush to "paint" the glue on the base without getting it on the model, rinse the brush thoroughly when you're done, and thats all there is to it :)
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