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Thinking of taking Lord Brrrrp to the Southlands. It would be a much better back story for Lord Brrrp. Anyone had good luck in a competitive or semi-competitive environment with a Southlands' list?

My key concern is lacking any combat oriented heroes. Anyone ever try to put a slaan in a skink cohort unit and put him in the front rank (only doing this right before getting attacked of course) for combat resolution? I may not get many wounds but I doubt you will either (and you can count on everything coming to flank you next turn.

Thinking about using skink priests with the Blessed Spawning of Huicini (extra dispel die) for a whopping 8 dispel die. But other than a couple of skink priests, should I even bother with the skink hero/chief?

Anyone having luck with horned one riders? Here is where I would put my skink chief with say a sword of sotek and perhaps another blessed spwaning like sotek (+1 attack).

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Horned Ones look nice on paper. Str 4 from the rider with a spear. Str 4 from the mount. And fast cav to boot. Any fast are worth taking IMO.

The problem I see with skink chiefs is that they don't have nifty magic items like goblin heroes do. The low ld is a big problem, maybe the stegadon helm, but that's expensive just for an extra pip of ld.

You'd have to be prepared to deal with a lot of panic tests, failed combats, and the like. You'd have to play it like a real horde army.

Still, it'd be a lot of fun but making it win consistently.

The Horned Ones getting flanks to accompany your blocks would be important. I'd want a few of those fast cav units running around to even things out.


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Debating making a Southlands list for Votewar. I have most of what I want down. Having trouble fitting in my horned ones with the 90 skink skirmishers!

So far, I have SMP 5
Battle Standard
Bane Head
(Bane lets me take the spells that do damage to characters and takeout the enemy's mages quickly)

Sink Priest #1 lv 1
Sacred Spawning of Tepok

Skink Priest #2 lv 1
Sacred Spawning of Tepok
Blood Statuette of Spite (again quickly getting rid of either the general or mage)

20 Skink Cohorts (banner and musician) The slaan can hang out here when the battle gets close.

6 x 10 skink skirmishers (blowpipes and javelins mixed)
3 x 10 skirmishing skink scouts

4 Kroxigors
3 Kroxigors
3 Terradons

3 Salamanders

Where do the horned one riders fit? Maybe replacing the terradons and moving to only 2 units of 3 kroxigors? Focus is on assassination by spells of leading enemy characters, particularly mages, then having a dominate magic phase and using kroxigors and the stegadon to do most of the heavy killing. I may need another small combat group for flank breaking but this is a shoot and assassinate army really. Different to be sure. May flop who knows.

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Success with southlands

I play southlands and have had moderate success.

Sounds like u want a slann so we will start there.

U have to get temple guard for a slann unit. Expensive but no real way around it.

Next forget about skink cohorts. Skinks cost too much in this form. You have to go with skink skirmishers with shortbows and lots of them. I use 7 units. These things pwn. 16 in range. They have poison so you move and fire effectvie 22in and still get poison. 3 units are cheap
and shoot a whopping 30 shots. That should be around 5 sixes. These things pawn anything with multi wounds, including dragons, giants and the like. These skinks are the strength of ur army.

Terradons, kroxigors, and salamandeers, and swarms for march blocking can round out ur army.

Id avoid the stegadon, too expensive fro what it can do, althought it is as mobile as the rest of your army, save the 1 big unit. Give the big unit sun standard if u thinik it will be shot at a lot.

Army pwn against armies with lots of big creatures. Horrible against massive shooting armies unless u can get in quick. Almost all ur units skirmish so they will be at a disadvantage to hit, but still. Also bad against many ranked units. Skinks cant kill that many.

Problem with this army is u cant have any ranks of saurus without a scar vet and no templeguard without the slan, but u only get 1 lord choice so you have to choose between slann and scarvet. I go with the vet.

Only other rank and file unit is skink cohort.

These blow, and are soooooo expensive in points for what they can do.

anyway...hope this helps.
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