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Transporting your DE army

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Im looking for any tips, advice, etc.. on how to safely transport my DE army. In particular, I find the ravagers/raiders uniquely hard to transport without breakage because of the gangly nature of the vehicles (lots and lots of little pieces jutting out everywhere).

As a caveat to this, I'd love to hear suggestions on how to make the skimmer stands more stable / less likely to break during use or transport.

Oh and im not sure do you have to use the clear bases for the model to be legit/legal for tournament play, or can you play without the bases? Not having to use them would help a ton (this is my first personal army and I'm a bit unclear on that rule)

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What I use:

I use the standard Black GW case (you could use any though)
and simply got some wadding stuff, that you would use to stuff pillows and packed it with that insead of the red stuff, which is good for troops, but crap for raiders and other vehicals.

I get no breakage, and the spikes simply serve to hold the models in place better. ;)

For jet bikes, I decided on glueing the glass spires to the bike, but removing the circular base plate...

Thus I can store the bases separately, and the bikes don't have a huge circle attached to the bottom of them, aiding storage massively.
For transporting my Bikes, Raiders/Ravagers and Talos, I took a large sturdy box with a lid, and made custome storage trays out of foamboard. It's two layers deep, and every item has its own little compartment, except the bikes who share a large area. The bottom storage area is hot glued to the bottom of the bx, and the compartments are glued to the side walls. The top tray is its own sepaearte piece, that goes in and out allowing me access to both layers easily.

As far as raider flight stands go, I took a blade and opened up the hole where the stand goes so it's slightly larger. Then I used to tallest post possble on the flying base, and I just stick it inside the hole. It's very stable, the flight stands come out easily and when a vehicle gets destroyed, I take the base out and lay the vehicle on the table to represent it's status. Which leads me to my last point. I don't know about the legality, (however, I'm sure no bases wouldn't fly at a RTT or any other GW event) but I find it detracts from the game to have fleets of Raiders lying on the ground as they fly across the board.

Hope this helped.
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I have rare earth magnets mounted to the top of my stands and a metal washer on the bottom of my raiders/bikes. This allows the stands to be removed easily if needed
I have magnetic paint on the bottom of the bases and I just transport the fully assembled model on a metal cookie sheet. I suppose for extra protection I could mount the cookie sheet inside a box. But I don't usually have far to carry them.
try the charon battle back 2001 its a 3ft lg case thats 18 in wide and 12 in deep i hold all my DE models in there and they have been cross country four time with only a bike broken and a raider broken(dark lance broke off) the web site is
Try magnets and a cheap tool box with foam peanuts. Something sears like you know. I have several small tool boxes as a motorcycle is my only transport.
Thanks for all your feedback, I found a store called World of Containers or something, and glued some padding into a clear plastic 24 slot box, we'll see how that works for the figures. As for the raiders and ravagers, i'm trying to mount them into some styrofoam holsters w/ some tape to make sure they dont pop out the top, and then glueing those to the bottom of a box. Hopefully there isn't too much damage. If so, I'll have to rethink the process.

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