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I decided to put Treekin in my WE army because they rock and I need to beef up before the next tournament. Only problem is that I don't like the available models. So I decided to make my own, just like my Treeman.
Easy peasy lemon squeasy.
Here is how I did them.

Drill two holes in the baseplate where you want your feet. Take a reasonably long piece of ironwire and stick it through. I lost my glue so I used an extra piece of wire to fixate it into place.

Bend the wires how you want your legs and twist them together at the crotch. Keep twisting until you are satisfied with the length of the spine. Bend the remaining length of wire into the position of the arms. If its to long don't worry about it, well cut them to size later.

Take a stick of fast drying modeling putty, I use stuff from the hardware store (two component wood or metal filler or something) and prepare a bit. It will dry fast so don't take to much, I used about an eighth at a time.
Apply it to your skeleton, not to thick because we'll use greenstuff to buff him up.

When its hard we can start with the greenstuff, I cut of pieces of about 1.5cm (half an inch). Mix it well and take a smaller portion of the prepared (now) green-stuff and apply it to the model.
Take your tools and use it to drag "gullys" (for lack of a better word) in the putty. Rinse and repeat, until you have created something that looks like tree-bark or fire...
Keep your tools wet at all times! this prevents the putty from sticking.

Make sure you keep on part of the model clear from greenstuff, because you need a place to hold it. I chose for the top because I'll be adding twirly bits there.
Leave the models to harden over night.

On the top of the model, the only part where you can still see the hardware store putty, stick little greenstuff balls. Varying in size from 3mm to 6mm (of course you can make them as big as you want). Use your wet tool to press down on the edges and "fasten" it to the model. To prevent sagging from the thorns you can first pin some wire in there, stick the balls of putty on the wires. Use your wet fingers to twirl the blobs while pulling at the same time. This will create a twirly thorn like contraption. Rinse and Repeat.


Next week I'll teach you to make the best sauce for your lasagna.

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AWESOME!!! I will so use this in the future. once i get my dryads done these are the next on my list

Thanks a lot and rep for you!

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Awesome. Great tree-torial.

Thanks for sharing.

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Very simple and well written tutorial, do you happen to have any of those treekin painted up. I may try this once i get back in to gameboard building.
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