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Treeman ancient - good?

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Ive been looking through army lists and havent found any that include a treeman ancient. I think there good chractors since they cast a bound spell twice and have an impressive statline as well as being allowed a 100pts worth of spites. Any opinions on which lord is best is welcomed
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Give an Ancient a Murder of Spites and an Annoyance of Netlings. Watch Bloodthirsters (And even more so Blood Dragons, who have issue challenges) cower in fear.

Answered your question on what Ancients are good for? (The thing is, all Lords are good. Highborns enable you to create all-elven armies by movinG EG to Core, can be made into very nasty Alter/Wardancer Highborns. Spellweavers have the Wand and Lore of Life as their main selling points, while you will have serious trouble finding a better duellist than a kitted-out Ancient)
Thanks i was not sure that the ancients were that good but you have given me some good ideas. In the end all lords are good its just the way you play them. Personally im not a great fan on magice so im more partial to a highborn but youve got me thinking on aking an ancient now. Thanks for the advice.
The problem with the Ancient is that he takes up a Lord and Rare slot.
Yeah but at 2000pts you will still ahve on more rare slot for an eagle, waywatchers or another treeman!
look at a normal tree man then look at the ancient.. u pay that extra amount of point to have another ld, cast tree singing twice and have access to spits.. making them even more expensive. i'd rather take a normal treeman than an ancient.. but thats just me
that extra point of leadership will mean your ancient will probably be staying around longer in a fight sice he is stubborn on leadership 8.
I persoanlly find the point cost too high, he just won't earn it back. However, if you want to play with it, play with it. Its your army and its more important to have fun then win matchs.
Well put. But imagine an ancient with annoyance of netlings making a challengeand having it accepted by an unwitiing chaos lord (for example). The joy.
yeah no kidding, my bloodthirster has found himself losing a dual in which he really should have won.
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