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Well, it's been a long time since I've posted, and I have 3 more Projects in WIP stage, so I figured I'd throw some sneak peeks up in the Project section. This one will track my Chaos Black Legion Army. I have a 2000 point list below. Thanks for looking.


Sorcerer w/ MoT + wind + warp time + melta bombs + icon(goes with zerkers)
195 pts


8x chosen, IoCG, 2x plasma
204 pts
6x chosen, IoN, 3x plasma
203 pts
7x termis, 2x combi weapons (flamers), 1x RAC, 2 fists.
265 pts

10x marines, IoCG, 2x meltas, champ w/ fist, combi melta (use lord model) + Rhino
265 pts
9x zerkers, champ, icon + rhino
244 pts

Fast attack:

6x raptors, IoS, 2x meltas, champ
175 pts

Heavy support:

Pred, Tri las
165 pts
Pred, Tri las
165 pts
Pred, dakka config w/ havoc launcher
115 pts


(I think that's right.)

Still kickin'
259 Posts
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Sunday Morning Post Revival! (Necromancy - Level 3 (3 years plus!))

Morning, L-O!

I am seriously considering participating in the Tale of X Gamers in January with what is yet-unpainted in this CSM army. I have all my Berzerkers and both of my tri-las Preds painted, along with the Defiler, a large number of Black Legion Marines, both my winged Princes, and the Great Unclean One. Here is a 1748 point list based on what is either bare plastic/metal or primed black (as in the pic in the OP above). The AC bits for my four Havocs are still to-be-purchased. Everything else is currently in-hand. This is not an ideal to-run list, but fits the requirements of the Comp, and helps me finish many of these incomplete minis. So without further ado (babble from me):

HQ = 185
Lord - MoN, VotLW, Power Sword, Blight Grenades
Sorc - MoN, VotLW, Force Maul

Troops = 415
Plague Marines (9) - VotLW, Fist, Icon of Despair, Rhino
Cultists (10) - 9 AG, Heavy Stub, Shotty
Cultists (10) - Flamer

Elite = 639
Chosen (7) - 4 Plasma Guns, MoN, VotLW, PW, Rhino
Termies (7) - 2 Combi Flamers, RAC, 2 Fists

Fast = 179
Raptors (6) - 2 Melta, PS, MoS, Icon of Excess

Heavy = 230
Pred - HB Sponsons, Dozer
Havocs - PW, 4 AC

Fortification = 100
Aegis - Quad Gun

Sound like a decent plan to you guys?

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