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That is so cool! I especially like the crow's nest.


EDIT: Okay, I can't do that yet LO says. But it's the thought that counts!

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Do you have some pics of how you did the conversion?
I wish I could say this was a hard covnersion, but it really wasn't.

1. I didn't put the extra pieces on the front and around the bed of the trukk.

2. I used part of a sprue for prow because it's nice and bevelled at the right angle.

3. Then just threw on thin strips of plasticard in a general Orky fashion

4. For the anchor I just took the pulley and chain from the wrecking ball part, drilled a hole through one of the boards and fed it through. Then used random unused pieces of the trukk frams to make the anchor itself.

5. The mast is just a piece of sprue with cut up bitz from the rest of the set for the crossbeam and a piece of plastic for the sail. The Grot is just from the gretching plastic box.

Far simpler than I originally thought it would be.

Haha, great work, So is there going to be an army biult around this??
Aye, the first in a fleet of 4 such vessels, all with varying degrees of Orky modifications.

I love it! That is really cool. It would be an ideal transport for Kaptin Badrukk too. Have some rep.
Shh, people might find out there are Flash Gitz in the army:soldier:
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