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Right so here I am. Finally after a long time I can return to writing an arena. I think that half the opening fluff should be entered already. The main arena is a plain basic AoD, the side arena is an anything goes (I borrowed the rules from Daelrog who was the first to do this thing on LO).


Rules for the main arena

You are allowed to use any Lord or Hero character from any of the current army books. Storm of Chaos and the like are out. Below you will find a list of rules on how things work; however, there are a few limits on your characters.

• Each character must be named.
• They must be legal and cost no more than 250 points in total.
• They cannot ride monstrous mounts (mounts with more than one wound).
• No special characters.
• All Hero choices may select 100 points of magic items, rather than the usual 50. For Hero Vampires may have up to 100 points of vampire powers providing they don't go over a total of 150 points together.
• In addition, each one must be accompanied by a background and a description of them for the write ups.

• To enter, you send a PM to me along with:

• Name of character
• Background
• Equipment
• Total cost


• Goblin Warbosses (Night Goblins included) may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total.
• Skink Chieftans may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total.
• Skaven Warlords may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total. The Appendix Plague Lord is no longer permitted.
• Vampires get 35pts extra – they may not exceed their magic item limit.
• Tomb Kings get 25 points extra, they may not exceed their magic item limit.
• Empire characters that do not take a Runefang may go up to 20pts over the magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 points in total.
• Wood Elf characters get 20 points extra; they may not exceed their magic item limit.
• Dark Elf Assassins are counted as Hero choices for all intents and purposes.
• Bretonnians must pray to gain the Blessing, allowing their opponent to charge them and gain all the benefits thereof in the first round of each combat. A Bretonnian player who does not wish to pray should specify this before the match is rolled.

Additional Rules

Arena Prizes - I allow prizes from other arena's but please state what they do.

Warpstone amulet - Same points cost, but roll to see if you die BEFORE the fight instead of afterwards.

Killing Blow - If a character scores a KB hit then this is how damaged will be worked out: D2+n

(n stands for the number of original wounds the character had minus two. This gives a 50% chance of killing a character off.)

Dwarfs – Any dwarf lord entered may be mounted upon shieldbearers, all rules and restrictions apply as per usual.

Gaze of the gods table: chaos characters will receive a single roll at the start of the tournament to represent the champion having the favour of his gods to take part. However unlike in a normal game further rolls will not be made after any victorious matches. However, should the player wish to change his result on the gaze of the gods table at any point of the arena he has a single re-roll which he can make before a match is fought to represent the fickle nature of chaos. Note that the player will be stuck with the second result regardless of the outcome. (Example: Daniel the chaos champion rolls +1 attack at the start of the arena, but later decides he wants something else in round 2. unfortunately he rolls stupidity and is stuck with it for the remainder of the arena in place of his +1 attack)


The following items are banned, they are found to be too powerful or have an unfair advantage in an Arena of Death game.

- Tress of Isolde
- Sword of Fate
- Van Horstmann's Speculum
- The Daemon Sword
- The Fellblade
- The Bane Head
- The Grudge Rune
- Kurbog's Curmudgeonly Klobbera
- Virtue of Confidence
- Annoyance of Netlings
- Palanquin mount
- Pendant of Kaeleth
- Any and all items/weapons/armour that nullifies or breaks magic weapons or armour.

Also, any item that includes in its rules "nominate one enemy character" is illegal.
How it works

If you have never fought in one of these, the point is to pit two characters against one another, one on one. In all essence it is a challenge as in a normal game but with a few differences. Namely, they’re trapped in an arena with the only way out is to kill or be killed.

We will roll a match up between two characters until one perishes. The one who remains standing will be the victor and progress to the next round.

- Always Strike First

- First round of combat
In the first round of combat, both warriors count as charging for the purposes of lances and other special rules. If neither warrior has a 'strike first' ability (or a 'strike last' ability), the person with the highest Initiative will strike first. If both warriors are equally entitled to strike first (usually because they have equal initiative), striking order will be determined randomly. In essence, we will follow the rules as outlined by GW for ASF, great weapons, and the like.

- Later rounds
In later rounds of combat, neither warrior gets charging bonuses (pretty obvious ). Strike order will be determined using the same system as in the first round of combat - however, in cases of equal initiative, the die to determine strike order is not rolled. Instead, the person who struck first last time will strike first, combat alternating between each warrior.

- After the Fight
After the fight, the victor advances to the next round. Any wounds they suffer are healed, as well as any other effects (such as the manbane poison: or anything else that permanently reduces statistics). It is as if the last fight never happened!


- Break tests
Break tests are ignored in the Arena (where are they going to run in a ring of death?). Other psychology that may force an opponent to flee from combat is also ignored. THERE IS NO WAY TO FLEE IN AN AOD. For this reason, panic, unbreakable and Stubborn also have no effect.

In addition, undead warriors ignore the rule that causes them to take wounds from combat resolution. In a similar manner, daemonic characters do not suffer from instability.

- Fear
Fear is handled similarly to normal. In the first round of combat, a warrior facing a fearsome foe will take a Ld test. If he fails, he will hit on 6+ for that round of combat. After that, fear has no effect.

- Hatred
Hatred is also handled as normal. The warrior will re-roll failed 'to hit' rolls against hated foes in the first round, unless a specific army book overrules this.

- Stupidity
Since stupidity is ignored in combat, it only effects the first turn when the model suffering stupidity is attempting to charge. He or she will take a stupidity test as normal; if failed, the model strikes last, no matter what. I.e., no ASF for failed test.

- Frenzy
While there's nowhere to run, you can still have the frenzy knocked out of you; therefore, models do lose frenzy as normal.

1) If you bug me I will kill you, if failing to do that I will not post a fight for a week after the last complaint. If you complain about this then don't bother to enter a character.
2) The previous rule doesn't apply if I am in the middle of some serious work etc, and I can't get enough time to get in. I will give you warning.
3) I will try to do my best but any comments are appreciated as long as they aren't to harsh.

1) Player A and B charge
2) Player A who has the higher initiative strikes
3) Player B then stirkes
3) As determined randomly, Player B gets the first magic phase, so does his magic(if any)
3) Player A strikes
3) Player B strikes
3) Player A now gets to do his/her magic

Entant List

Main Arena
1 ) Avatar of Khaine - Psa-Trel the unfeeling
2 ) Tekore - Zombre the Gianteater, Doombull of Roussimoff
3 ) Attila the Hun Jr - THE DARKNESS
4 ) Daelrog - Uxuatl'Tok
5 ) mpdscott - Lady Myria LeJean - Dancemistress of Tilea
6 ) ArchonFarseerGuy - Alanthair Forestwalker, Bodyguard of Auraifka
7 ) RobtheGuru - Eko the Banished
8 ) Deadstar_MRC - The Wandering Death
9 ) CaptainSarathai - Alucard von Hollenleid
10 ) Tookie - Warlord Pawskuit of Clan Skaul
11 ) El Loco - El Loco
12 ) Akaroth - Grytzy, of the moon 'shroom boyz
13 ) skelesaver - Vampire Delmar Raknor
14 ) sliver - Shagrah, Mouth of the Great Maw
15 ) Disciple_of_Anubis - Bruiser Organbloat
16 ) lewbot1 - Baq'tu The Pathwalker

1 ) Phas-thra's intro, Heinrich's plot, Arena Rules, Arena Entrants, Contents Page
2 ) TOBN
3 ) TOBN
4 ) Diary Entries for Kurtis Renkel, Witchhunter, Psa-Trel Fluff
5 ) Baq'tu The Pathwalker Fluff, Challenges list for Round 1, Imp names
6 ) Round 1 Match ups
7 ) TOBN
8 ) Phas-thra returns
9 ) The golden city of Akhra, Entry to Akhra (Uxuatl'Tok, Psa-Trel, Zombre, The Darkness, Alanthair Forestwalker, Lady Myria LeJean)
10 ) Entry to Akhra (Eko, Pawskuit, Wandering Death, Alucard)
11) Entry to Akhra (El Loco, Grytzy, Delmar, Organbloat, Baq'tu, Shagrah), Round 1 Fight 1 (Alucard vs Psa-Trel)

Phas-thra's Intro

The golden room glistened as the hole in the roof opened. Phas-thra still sat in his throne still drained of his life force. He needed some more victims. Bogrod had been a real help then. His golden crown demanded obedience, having been imbibed with runes from Skalf Ironbeard. Then once it was complete, Skalf gave his master the last piece of help he could give him. He stood, a skeleton in the army, ready to serve his master for eternity. He was now a loyal Tomb Prince. Aspestra too had served a use, but she was still useful. She had imbibed his crown with powerful Chaos magic, Slaanesh now had a direct connection to Phas-thra's mind so that they could exchange thoughts.

In front of Phas-thra stood Bogrod, as hulking as ever and Aspestra, still beautiful yet dangerous. She was different though. Her skin had a paler more purple shine to it. She had changed since last time. She now served only one master, Slaanesh, who was giving her orders through Phas-thra. Bogrod had been pleased by Skalf Ironbeard's demise, but it had unsettled him. Skalf was no longer requiered, when would he meet the same fate? He put it out of his mind, waiting for the chance to get in more bloodshed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The sand was blindingly bright in the afternoon sun. The company moving slowly through it were battle hardened but thristy. The man in front rode in splendid silver armour on a perfectly white stallion. Beside him rode a minstrel on a donkey. The minstrel was humming to himself, due to being ordered to stop singing several hours ago. Behind these two were a dozen men in gleaming silver riding on horses. None of these horses were as beautiful as the first, but they all had the look that they had survived battle after battle with their riders.

The minstrel was just thinking of a new verse he would add to his long song of the hero when a figure appeared on the horizon. On the right flank of the company was a large pyramid, with an impossibly high point. It gleamed gold in the sun. The company stopped at a signal from the leader. He looked cautiously at the figure. It was a man with a dark olive skin colour. He had straight black hair that came down to his shoulders. He wore a deep golden toga clothes and looked to be from a high up family. This looked like a khemri citizen of old, but that was not possible, he should have been dead centuries ago, or look like a skeleton.

The man stopped and raised an arm high up. Then he pointed to the minstrel. To the right, a rank of four dozen archers rose at the base of the pyramid. The leader had just enough time to register the archers before a hail of arrows decended upon the cavalry. all the horses fell, dragging their riders to the ground with them. Three of the men fell with their horses, dead. The rest rose shakily and strode around the hero who had fallen from his now dead horse. They would die protecting him.

The guard had no sooner assembled around their nobleman before the second hail of arrows landed. half a dozen men fell, leaving only the minstrel, the lord and three of his guard. They noticed the man, standing perfectly still, his arms by his sides. They decided to charge him, they may kill the archers by killing him. Without a single warning, the man raised one hand and the sand around the men's feet contorted. They looked in shock as the sand crushed their legs around the shin. Then it fell, perfectly limp to the ground letting the men fall off their useless legs.

Three howls of pain and then the sand rose and crushed them. The nobleman stared and didn't even noticed the huge wall of sand rise behind him until it crashed down on his head crushing him into the impenetrable sand below. The only survivor of the onslaught was the minstrel who had fallen to his knees and had his mouth hanging open in shock. His eyes were wide with fear. Then a chanting came from the pyramid and the archers fell back into the sand. Small purply gold strands of energy flew from the top of the pyramid to each of the dead men.

Suddenly the bodies began to age at an alarming rate, becoming bones in less then a minute, their life sucked out of them for a better purpose. The man with the black hair was gone, and the minstrel felt a strange urge to head for the pyramid. He had no idea why he wanted to head toward his lords killers.

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Heinrich's Plot

The room had a flickering kind of light, the kind you got with a hearth fire and a lot of candles. through the window, the shadows could see a large arm chair in the middle of the room. The figure sitting in it was hidden in the shadow given out by the huge fire behind him. In front of him stood 3 imps. They were looking around the room in awe with mischief barely held back in their eyes.

"I want you to bring him to me." Heinrich said, his voice a boom in the silence. The imps all stood to attention. They were all six inches tall and looked vagely human shaped. The first had messy brown hair and was wearing a tattered shirt with buttons that may at one point have been white and a pair of shorts which looked like a moth had lived in them for several generations. His most startling features however were the small black horns rising out of his hair like the tips of icebergs and his blood red eyes which were cat-like. The second was the shortest of the three and had bright blonde hair that seemed to give off it's own light. He wore a short sleeved shirt that was pure black and had holes in the elbows. His trousers were pure black too and had holes in the knees. This one however had no horns, he had a long red tail with a pointy end shaped like an arrow. The tail curled and moved around like a snake. His pupils too were blood red but this time they were pin pricks in the blackness of his eyes.

"Olite, watch the targets, report to me how they do, I want to know everything. Ertinent, make sure they meet and fight, I do not want them getting here before all but one is dead. Udent, I want that Skeleton killed. He must not regain his strength. He has relied on travellers to revive him but they have been scarce. Stop him before it is too late." Heinrich gave these orders in a quiet voice which nonetheless had a note of command in it. Olite was the first imp. Ertinent was the second and Udent was the third. The third imp looked just like a miniature version of Heinrich. The skin was pale white and his teeth were elongated. The only difference was the small red pitchfork carried by the imp and the red eyes which were round as a ball.

Aspestra stepped out of the shadow in the balcony and jumped. She wore plain civilian clothes. Her skin still had the purple tint to it as though something had happened. Her eyes however were turning red instead of their usual blue. On her belt was the viscioous whip she carried. It too was purple. She jumped and landed on the roof of the building. in front of her floated the dark shape that was the vampire's bodyguard. The wraith swept forward making to touch Aspestra on the arm. She was fast though and darted backward over the edge.

She landed hard on the pavement, a fall that should have killed her outright. It didn't. Without seemed to have mooved she was at the alleyway mouth and sprinting down the road. Behind her floated the ghostly figure of Bel-Sham-Harath. She jumped and spun in the air, flinging her whip out behind her. The tip sliced the air in front of the soul sucker. This didn't slow it down and Aspestra finished the spin, coiling her whip with one hand and landed running. She was heading for the main gates.

The woman skidded around a corner and sprinted toward the guard tower. The shadowy figure of the Wraith slowly gaining on her. She wouldn't make it. Then she saw the man standing on the gate tower. He stood stock still. His skin was tanned like an arabian and his black hair fell down around his head. A single movement came from him. The raising of his left arm. The movement sent a column of sand shooting out of the ground directly underneath the soul sucker. Aspestra smiled and popped out of existence.

Arshath cursed under hs breath and a spiral of sand enveloped him. Then it fell to the floor in a circle. The keeper of the teeth was gone too.

I will congratulate anyone who can figure out how I named the imps. One guess each, please send it by PM. I will give REP for any right answer.

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I was gonna send my character earlier but the forums were down lol. Anyway, im just about to sort out a PM for you mate.

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What? I'm being challenged. I'll think about it. First I need to figure out what army book to enter a character for. I could go with one from the three that just went down, or for a new one. I'll send you something in a few, then decidee on any challenge over the weekend.

Races Left
Dogs of War, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings, Beasts of Chaos, Bretonnians, Skaven
and possibly... High Elves, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarfs

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No particular need to save me a spot or anything, but I'm going to work on a character and see if I can get them in. I think I'll go for something a little experimental and thus won't be surprised when I'm knocked out in the first round!

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yeah, i would've posted, but i had to pm. My character, the returning champion, is going to kick Daelrog's unlucky ass! I challenge Daelrog's character!
After considering my options, I believe it's in my best interest to decline. Despite my 0-2 (soon to be 0-3) record against the character, I feel no reason to jumping towards fights I don't know, fully realizing that he may be wearing that armor as good as a ward save.

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Well Tux, I took your advice and hey- I might as well take advantage of this opportunity like you said. I've PMed you my character. Like Deadstar's, he's an experiment, but quite a nasty experiment.
Once this thing gets rolling, I'll start fluffing him out. So get ready ladies and gents-

Jakte Reppir is here!
edit- quite sorry, but I would prefer a name change, after having written my fluff. My character shall remain the same, but now answers to
Alucard von Hollenleid, Witchhunter

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Well Tux, I took your advice and hey- I might as well take advantage of this opportunity like you said. I've PMed you my character. Like Deadstar's, he's an experiment, but quite a nasty experiment.
Once this thing gets rolling, I'll start fluffing him out. So get ready ladies and gents-

Jakte Reppir is here!
Psa-Trel looked at the list of names. "This one." He said, pointing at a name, "The initials annoy me."

Psa-Trel challenges Jakte Reppir for having the initials J.R.

Why yes, i am messing around with the challenges system.
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