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Evening All (least is as im typing this...),

Have started up a little non-official tournament of Combat Patrol (CP) for a group of friends, we've all got access and read the rules regarding CPs (though we generally play Meat Grinders, other missions are a little tedious) however my list so far is by far the biggest risk ive taken with 'nids in a while. It consists of:

3-4 Warriors; sometimes shooty sometimes CC
Up to 25 Hormagaunts
40 Spinegaunts

This list has given me dominance over Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle/Witch Hunters, Catachan, Daemon Hunters and Necrons:party2:. However; when playing against the 'crons i scraped through a win, the WBB rolls are exceedingly frustrating and result in the game extending far beyond its normal parameters. Now my friend who plays Necrons, will be replacing his army of:

1 Tomb Spyder
23 or so Warriors

With an approx of (his hinting and my knowledge of his force)::0

3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
(x) amount of Warriors (remaining points)

I have no idea how to beat this army, my main concern is total loss of coherency when my warriors die to the destroyers weapons, the wraiths Toughness means they are venerable to large amount Armour Saves but the Toughness of the Destroyers is truly daunting...

Any thoughts, tactics and experience would be appreciated guys,
Cheers in advance,
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