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Tyranid fluff - Splinter Fleet Vicarius

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"Hive Fleet Vicarius is a splinter fleet of hive fleet Leviathan, and is attacking ‘up’ the galactic plane. Although it is relatively small in size, its creatures seem to be highly evolved, able to take out anything twice their size.

They have already taken two worlds: Karmanas, a bitter cold ice planet, and the other, Amabonius, a jungle and desert planet, teeming with life, defended by a Tau expeditionary force.

There are reports that they have engaged the orks of the Overfiend of Octarius, and have also destroyed a raiding force of the Eldar Craftworld Iyanden that landed on Karmanas seeking to try and halt the splinter fleet.

They seem to be thriving on the ork life, as is shown by the new, tougher genestealers, stronger and faster warriors and Scythegaunts, and have developed a new breed of hive tyrant, that can lay down a withering hail of fire to tanks, infantry and monsters alike.

On a frozen ice planet, the tyranid clashed with the metal warriors, the necron, and were defeated. But now a new, improved force has amassed, aiming for Tarphonis Alpha, a lush snow world, with magnificent ruins and great forests of Gekal trees, which can survive under the harsh conditions. This force has so far destroyed a Slaneeshi terminater company, and an army of Slaneeshi noise marines, who had landed on one of Tarphonis Alpha's moons. A fierce battle is raging on Tarphonis Alpha against the Space Wolves and Imperial Guard, but already Hive Fleet Vicarius is turning towards some new targets; anyone that stands in their way.

The splinter fleet has evolved to be extremely camouflaged in the snow and ice, being shades of grey and blue, as these are the types of worlds and terrain that the fleet has encountered most enemies on thus far. The fleet also prefers this type of terrain, as the conditions give great disadvantages to their enemies, while not hindering the Hive Mind in any way. They creatures also have brilliant yellow markings over their grey carapace, which works like the zebra effect, effectively blinding the enemy as they struggle to distinguish between seperate targets in the brilliant swirl of colours.

There seems to be a concentration of all types of races fighting each other, near the Eastern edge of Ultima Segmentum, and the tyranid look greedily upon them, and have already begun to engage another fleet of Tau, while the Eldar, joined by some of the mysterious Harlequin, seek to halt the Fleet. It looks like a big struggle for Splinter Fleet Vicarius, but the Hive Mind always requires food, no matter what..."
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broken_spoons said:
"Hive Fleet Vicarius is a splinter fleet of hive fleet Leviathan, and is attacking ‘up’ the galactic plane. Although it is relatively small in size, its creatures seem to be highly evolved, able to take out anything twice their size."
It sounds wrong to launch straight into that.. No problem, it's not unreasonable (in fact, most tyranids can bring down creatures twice or even three times their size.. imagine a hormagaunt versus an elephant.. not pretty.) But the trouble is, you jump straight into it, and it sounds a bit 'speshul,' it sounds like you're saying they're exceptional, and better than the entire rest of the tyranid race.
Well, thats not what I was trying to get at. I was just meaning that each single guy is slighly stronger than the average other tyranid organism, but there are less of them. In other words, their low numbers have forced them to compensate with more powerful grunts and other things, as my armies are smaller than the average other tyranid army.
Tyranids don't take over planets... They eat planets...

And they don't fight necrons...
Well.. Lamarno (for example) its a planet infested by tyranids and only tyranids so this ia a form of take over (isn`t it?) and we don't know if tyranids fight necrons because they never encounter eachother
Well, I've faced a necron player, and I guess that the nids were on a planet, and were beginning to eat all the rich metal deposits, when necron showed up, as it was a tomb world. The necron started firing on the nids, and the nids did the only reasonable reaction:attack.
Tyranids don't take over planets, they overwhelm a planet, die, rot, become soup and a hiveship eats the planet dna soup.

Tyranids don't eat metal. So, they only use biostuff... Necrons don't have biostuff... Thus according to Tyranids, Necrons don't exist. And, thus, Tyranids never fight necron...

..only on a rare occacion... Because a hivecity which stores a necron artifact from a far away tomb world...
TehDarkPredator said:
Tyranids don't eat metal.
Yes they do..

Like all living things, they need trace metals to survive.

They eat all usable components on a planet, not just organic matter.. This includes mineral deposits, and the atmosphere. Nids instinctively avoid Necron tombworlds, but that's not because there's nothing worth eating there. It's because tombworlds generate an eerie abscence in the warp which tyranids instinctively avoid.

I'm sure the two have fought though, and will do so again.
Yeah, yeah, its just that Tyranids don't attack planets for metal... And they sure don't hold planets...

However, the main point is that you better should have a good story to cover a necron vs. tyranid battle...
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