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Tyranids - 800pts

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Hey, here's my current Tyranid army and my friends and I all decided to make army lists for our armies so its more clear so here's mine. Im looking for suggestions on how to expand as well as my army.

Tyranids - 800


-Broodlord [305]
+Implant Attack
+Toxin Sacs
+Exteneded Carapace
+Flesh Hooks
-8 Genestealers (retinue of broodlord)
+Scything Talons
+Toxin Sacs
+Flesh Hooks
+Exteneded Carapace

Yes, this squad is quite expensive, but I didn't know what to take out if anything. Aside from that, this squad will infiltrate if the rules allow it try to get into assault.


-8 Hormogaunts [104]
+Toxin Sacs
+Adreneline Glands (+1 I)

-8 Hormogaunts [104]
+Toxin Sacs
+Adreneline Glands (+1 I)

These pretty much just run up the field and try to get into combat. I was considering making the first squad of Hormagaunts Spinegaunts, and just use them as meat shields but I decided not to.

Heavy Support:

-Zoanthrope [65]
+Synapse Creature
+Warp Blast

This was to move up with the Hormogaunts providing Synapse and then using Warp Blast on the enemy when in range.

-Carnifex [218]
+Enhanced Senses
+Extended Carapace
+Reinforced Chitin
+Barbed Strangler
+Venom Cannon

Total: [796]

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First of all you HQ is very very expensive, its close to half your army, secondly its not correct, it actually costs 329pt, 105 for the Broodlord and 224 for the stealers.

You need to drop some upgrades on the Broodlord, in 800pts he wont run into anything that will justify all those points, I'd just go with a Broodlord with no upgrades.

The genestealers could use some trimming too, the way it is they cost 28pts a pop. Sure, they can kill just about anything they'll run into, but as with the Broodlord, they're simply overkill.
I'd keep the extended carapace and drop the rest of the upgrades.

This would trim HQ down to 230pts.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of upgrading Hormagaunts, especially not in small pts games where every model counts.

The zoanthrope is good, but the carnifex needs to be trimmed too.
The weapons are good, the classic gunfex will usually make his points back, but you have 3 lifeprolonging upgrades on him.
Extended carapace is good, but if you pick it, I wouldnt give him other proctective upgrades.
Reinforced Chitin is ok, but in 800pts you dont really need 5 wounds.
Regenerate... what can I say, I think its the worst upgrade for a carnifex, you pay way too many points for something thats very unstable, the Reinforced Chitin sorta justifies it, but its too expensive for small games.

It looks to me as if you've fallen into the biggest trap for a new nid player, the tendency to over upgrade, so drop some upgrades and get some more gaunts... you really need some more models.

Personally I run 3 warriors, 16 spinegaunts, 16 hormagaunts, 8 genestealers, 1 zoanthrope and 1 carnifex in 750pts games... thats 45 models, you have 27.
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Hey, thanks Gorbass. I think im gonna make a larger list (1000pts - 1250pts) with what im gonna buy before I buy it.

Here's the link to my other list;

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