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Ok, Today was the first day of the compain. I realised the i could play ppl in a lower rank then me.So i did 2 games of em and i won. Now I just played them and i don't realy have a good memory. ill do the Blood angles first. HERE GOES!

Nid list.
3x Warriors
-Toxin Sacs
-Extended caraspace
Total:Around 250

Blood Angle list.
1xmultimelat(or the ting that has 1 AP)
Total:around 250

Now i under stand that he only has 1 troop but in the campain it was allowed.

We started on a grass terrian where i seted up first.

I set up my 1st squad of gaunts(10/20) next to a forest.
He Set up his squad in the middle.
I Set up my 2end squad of gaunts (10/20) just infront of the forest.
I Set up my Warriors IN The forest behind the gaunts.

I lost the 1st turn roll so He went.

Turn One
The drop pod came down on the planet where the Tyranids were comsuming the planet. As the drop pod opend up the assult squad moved out as they came to the ground and noticed that the rest of the drop pod were destroyed in impact. The leader of the squad thought to him self*Hah, thats what Jhon gets for chooseing a differnt drop pod..* le peered arcoss the battle feild and saw a group of Tyranids allready closeing in on their postion. "Take fireing postions men" He yelled,"and get ready for the fight of your life."

Blood Angles Turn One
Movement:He dident move but he did fire like
Fireing:8 shots and killed 7 people..(he wouldent have killed anyone but i forgot it was base-base...)He missed the rocket launcher.

Tyranid Turn One
Movement:I moved my 1st squad of gaunts up. i use diffuclut terrian to use my 2end gaunts to move through the terrian and got a six joining the other squad of gaunts. I also Diffucult terrian test for my warriors and got a 2...:(
Fireing:I shot with my warriors and killed 3 people.2 bolters and the seargent.XD.i fleeted my 1st gaunts up 3 and 3 agian.

Blood Angles Turn Two Movement..XD
Fireing:Shot and killed 6 ppl.

Tyranids Turn Two
Movement:forgot to move my gaunts up but i did diffucult terrian test my warriors out of trees.
Fireing:I shot with my warriors but missed and fleeted my gaunts up 2 Ea(wow eh?)
Assult:Outa range

Blood Angles Turn Three Movement..XD
Fireing:He hit with the rocket launcher and killed the squad of 4.No more shootin
Assult:none.(he could have moved and got in range to.)

Tyranid Turn Three
Movement:Moved my warriors up 6 and gaunts up
Fireing:Killed 2 people with warriors fireing
Assult:warriors and gaunts attack. warriros went first.I got 13 attacks got 4 wounds and he lost 2.My gaunts went the same time i got a wound on him but he saved it.he killed 1 gaunts.

Assult phase
Warriors:hit 7 wounded 5 killed 2
Gaunts:killed none
Marines:killed rest of gaunts.
In the end he ran and i sliced him into 2 bitz.

i won with all my warriros.XD

What I learnt:its not impossible to kill marine, and gaunts are a good distraction.
What I forgot: the movement on my gaunts that one turn I would have put him in early combat.

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2end battle:
Nid list:
6xGenestealers(starter set)
Total:469 extactily.

Chaos SM had:
10 bolters with commander n stuff(cant remeber)
10 pistols and chain swords
1 Big evil person dude thing. like the devil

I'll skip the placement
He Lost the 1st turn roll.

Tyranid Turn One
MovementI moved every thing up.Gaunts in mid and left flank.genestealer in right with the warriors and raviner n zoan with gaunts.
Fireingi shot at his pistol squad with my warriors and killed zoanthrope missed

Chaos Turn One
MovementHe realy dident move but he did split up his guys.
Fireinghe fired at my genestealers and killed 3

Tyranid Turn One
MovementMoved all up
FireingWarriors missed while the zoanthrope shot STR:10 shot at evil demon thingy. hit and wounded him he missed his invaunable save.I killed it cause it had T:5(Insta kill XD)Gaunts shot at the same group and killed 3 :D
Assulti assulted my raviner,Gaunts in to the bolter group and my genestealer and my warriors jumped into the pistol group.Raviner battle went first.My raviner got 6 atks and hit 4 wounded 3 he missed gaunts attack same time as the bolters. killed 1.he killed 4 gaunts..The next battle with warriors.
my genestealer got a rendering kill and killed 2 people my warriors killed the rest but he killed 2 warriors.

He surrenderd
Things i lernt:If your opponit says:iam afraid YOUR GOING TO WIN...he said it 3 times!!XD agian gaunts are for distractions!!
What I forgot:nothing it was fun!

Any way i won them both and for the whole campain i got 100% so far.
So how did i do guys?

Simple Green.
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In your second battle...they surrendered after turn 1? Why so early, I don't understand.....does fight to the death mean nothing to them?

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Emp. said:
In your second battle...they surrendered after turn 1? Why so early, I don't understand.....does fight to the death mean nothing to them?
Why thoughts precisely, you only killed 5 marines and he surrendered, why?
Or was it because you are so good, right? ;)

Anyway, it was a well formatted report, although it could have been more detailed, and it would have really helped if you decribed the battlefield better. You still went right to the point and thats what is most important. Fairly good report. :)


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Emp. said:
In your second battle...they surrendered after turn 1? Why so early, I don't understand.....does fight to the death mean nothing to them?

okie theres a couple of thing i cant remember but i killed 8 and turn 2
i actually think i got him in turn 3 but i have bad memory

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Sounds cool. You did well. And it's not a bad memory if you can remember pretty much what he had and what the stuff did in each turn.
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