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I've been tinkering with my Warriors list and wanted to try something kind of new. So instead of a DP, or lvl4, I'm thinking of trying the flying chaos lord. My question is what should I put on him? Are there some tried and true combos? I want him to fly (I haven't gotten my polar bear demonic mount conversion finished yet) so tzeetch is the way to go. I figure I'd give him a shield or enchanted shield. What I can't figure out is whether to go with uber protection vs shooting, or take the regeneration talisman. If I do that, should I give him the chaos runeshield or just go with the flail and give him some magic armor?

The rest of my army contains
3 dragon ogres
2 units of 5-6 knights
3 units of horsemen (usually 2 slanesh, 1 khorne)
1 unit of hounds
1 hellcannon

and my other dilema is, should I take 3 barded lvl 2's with 2 bound spells, 2 scrolls, book of secrets and the power familiar for some offensive magic, or should I just minimize with 2 lvl 1's, maybe a chariot mount or 2 and either a bsb or some more troops

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Well the safest place for your Lord, is in combat!
I would go with the classic Axe of Khorne/Chaos Runeshield combo. It is potential in both offence and defence, as long as you are in combat. Give him the' gift that does d6 hits for taking out annoying stuff in combat.

The best way to keep him safe is to do it by positioning him properly, make sure the enemy cant get a shot at him or have many better targets they need to worry about, and get your lord into combat asap*.

For a sorcerer I like a lvl2 Tzeentch on Disc with the cheap gift that does 2d6 no armour save shots, Book of Secrets and a Power Familiar or Eye for 3+ (you have to forgive me for forgetting all the proper names). As long as you don't let this guy get shot, he's a master at taking out small units, be it heavily armoured (use the Chaos gift) or lightly armoured (use 2x first spell).
I once had him take out half a OK army in 1 turn, ok it was a 1k point game, but still.

A really nice partner for this guy is a Mounted Nurgle caster with Enchanted Shield and Puppets. He's got a 1+ save and lowers enemy ws in combat. He also protects you wizards and messes up enemy wizards. (He got rid of an enemy DE sorcerer lord for me in turn 1, by manipulating the miscast roll). I always use him if I use the Disc caster, because if he miscasts, he's screwed.

Use the Hounds and Marauders to screen you Disc riders, and make use of the terrain when and where possible.
*) But most of all make sure if you get the Lord into combat, he wont be left a sitting duck because he just wiped out the entire enemy unit in your turn!

I rarely use 4 characters if I have a Lord (unless I go magic heavy). You just have to make sure to take out enemy casters to lower their magic offence and defence.

I hope this helps!

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I'd compare this guy to my Sorc Lord on Dragon, since both are CC threats, and high priorty targets. Here's what i'd do:

-Collar of Khorne or Eye of Tzeench - both have their uses, I don't run Scrolls, so magic res is awesome, but if you have good protecton against magic, maybe run the eye.
-Enchanted Shield - As above but in the form of armour.
-Pick a cool weapon that suits your needs. Wanna hunt cav? Ether Sword. Monsters? Glaive. All Rounder? Runesword.

I think this gives you a great mix if protection and offensive ability. I see him being very handy against guys that can stand and shoot - like Skinks, Bowmen, even Handgunners if you went the Eye.

Great CC support unit! :)

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For your lord, I definitively suggest some protection against war machine hits and a weapon according to your target. Some ideas:

For protection:
Golden Eye
Crimson Armour of Dargan
Armour of Morrslieb (not for character hunting)

Some weapons:
Axe of Khorne (character hunting)
Aethersword (cavalry hunting)
Chaos Runesword (monster hunting)

Since you are flying, I advise against the use of the chaos runeshield (not a good idea also if you plan to use him inside a chaos knight unit).

I usually run my Tzeentch Lord on a steed and go for a character hunting setup:
Axe of Khorne
Crimson Armour of Dargan
Talisman of Protection

As for your dilema, I suggest to going for magic defense only if you don't plan to bring a lvl4. 1 or 2 lvl1 and a bsb is what I would choose.
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