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UK GW and Forgeworld bitsfor sale to rest of world.

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Brand new GW and Forgeworld bits for sale

I am looking into starting a small enterprise. I'm looking into whether any non-uk gamers who are fed up of GW prices, mainly the amount they add on for shipping charges to the initial price and then add shipping on top of that.

I live in the UK, not far from GW headquarters. I don't work for GW and as such do not get the products discounted.

What i'm trying to work out is whether non-uk residents would be interested in paying UK prices for GW and Forgeworld products and then pay UK postage rates and then a little commission for me to go pick up the items for you.

All in all, we are talking a cheaper way of buying GW and Forgeworld items, that isn't ebay, so you are not waiting for someone to flog the things you are after. You would be able to buy exactly what you want, including the small mail order little bits that we all need, that don't come with the standard sprues. The only downside is i would have to have a minimum order limit to make it worth my while, and then the wait to have it posted to you.

Anybody like the idea, and any takers?
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I don't think it would work in America. If I am not mistaken the US minatures are manufactured down South in Tennesse IIRC. If you purchase more then $100 here shipping is also free. I don't know about other countries but without a discount of some sort it wouldn't work here.
I don't know, maybe for forgeworld, I'm not too familiar with their shipping rates, but if I order bits from GW online I pay UK prices anyway and their shipping rates seem reasonable. Even if you CAN do a cheaper shipping rate than GW, your commission would probably bring it back up to what I would be paying them anyway, so no thanks :)

Everyone I know who mail orders already just gets direct from UK. It's cheaper than buying from an Australian store, including shipping.
I was mainly thinking of doing it for the australian market, but as you guys have already negated Aussie GW prices by going direct to uk, that sort of puts an end to that idea.

Ah well, going to have to think of another way to make my millions!!! ;-)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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