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Just thought I'd chime in with an 'ullo' to you all. Used to play GW stuff about 12 years ago and have come back to it recently, must be a nostalgia trip I guess. Currently working on a Necron force ( I know, I know but I'm a lazy painter who just wants to play :) ) as my main army with ideas that I might branch out with smaller forces (possibly Nurgle/Lost and Damned) for Cityfight or low points games of 40K.

Found you guys using a search engine and it seems you have very good membership, looking forward to lurking some more :)
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Welcome to the forums!

I'm also a Necron player well on my way to 1500pts and after I'm going to collect smaller 750pts forces which I can expand upon maybe 4 or 5 armies overall!

That's all,
sorry to barge in i am new , well i am currently working on multiple armies right now and i gotta say man i am pooped, nids tau ,sm, and chaos are a rough way to go , but hey i like the variety
Welcome and enjoy..
Please remember to check out the rules that can be found at the link at the top of the page. Remember reading the rules makes for happy mods and such things.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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