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Yo guys:

I need your help here. I decided to collect Eldar, and out of all the craftworlds I chose Ulthwe. Biel-Tan craftworld sure is a great one to collect but it lacks the uniform look that any army should have. Instead, it becomes a flurry of colors, and I'm that type of idiot who likes his army to look nice :D. Ulthwe is great cuz I love guardians and the recent release of the Storm Guardian models is only going to make me want to collect the Ulthwe more...

Troops x6
I bet you're thinking: "this guy is nuts." Well, Guardians may not have marine armor/weapons, but when used properly, they can be as dangerous as a space marine squad of equal points. Fleet of Foot and cover are our friends :).

2 Zergling Squads- 470 Points
2x 20 Black Strorm Guardians (With Plasma & Krak grenades, each squad with a flamer or fusion gun)
2x Warlock with Close Combat Weapon/Shuriken Pistol (Enhance)

These guys aren't called 'zerglings' for nothing. They are meant to soak up alot of damage, and charge into the fray engaging the opponent's biggest chunk of army. Although they may be very vnuerable to blasts and ordnance attacks, proper use of cover and the Fleet of Foot rule does help. In close combat, they get three attacks when charging. Black Guardians get +1WS and Enhance gives them a further +1 WS and Iniative, which means they can deliver ALOT of attacks (60) if they can survive. Not very nice for any enemy.

2 Flamer Squads- 158 points
2x 5 Storm Guardians (With 2 Flamer)
2x Warlock with Close Combat Weapon/Shuriken (Destructor)

Behind the Zerglings are the two flamer squadrons. Their task: set Orks, Imperial Guard and Tyranids alight with 3 flamer templates per squad. Very easy considering you've got 42 madmen infront of you :blink:.

2 Tank Buster Squads -220 Points
2x 5 Storm Guardians (With 2 Fusion Gun and Haywire Grenades)
1x Warlock with WitchBlade and Shuriken Pistol (Conceal)
1x Warlock with WitchBlade and Shuriken Pistol

While the Zerglings and the Flamers cause all the commotion in the middle, these sneaky busturds come up slowly (or quickly because of Fleet of Foot) to any opposing Tanks and blow them up. Haywire Grenades are broken vs. tanks and fusion guns can add to the tank killing firepower. Not enough? Witchblades help the Warlocks get triple strength +D6 penetration which should be able to deal with most tanks of the imperium. Conceal is useful in case a sudden rogue shell from an evil basillisk comes in and decides to blow all of them up.... I couldnt give them both Conceal due to point restriciton.

Heavy Support x2
Only this part of the army could be considered cheesy. But what's an army without the cheese on top ? ;)

1 Dark Reaper Squad -233 Points
4x Dark Reapers with Reaper Launchers
1x Dark Reaper Exarch with Missile Launcher (Fast Shot)

If anyone is stupid to let these guys live long enough, well, he's stupid. Reaper Launchers can AP basically most of the things in the galaxy, which means Necrons and Space Marines. And it only gets better with the Exarch. The Exarch costs 85 whopping points, which is actually worth 2 termies. Is he worth it? Hell yeah. The Missile Launcher is a very powerful weapon, and its flexibility is what makes it shine the most. It can either pin squads or kill tanks. The Missile Launcher has a range of 48 inches and with the master-shooting exarch it hits on a 2+. Add Fast Shot and that's two missiles coming from the same person in the same turn... Nasty. The Dark Reaper squad is protected by the Seer Council which is in turn protected by the...

1x Wraithlord with Star Cannon -120 Points

Now this guy is plain nasty. If any bugger decides to come and engage the Council they first have to get past this guy. With 8 Toughness, a re-rollable armor of 3 (with coutersy of the Seer Council), he'll rip apart anything that'll come close or blast apart anything that's far away. Armed with the infamous and dreaded Eldar Star Cannon, I think this guy is a must have for ANY army, regardless of Craftworld, playstyle, whatever.

HQ x2
The Seer Council is meant to be the drawback of fielding an Ulthwe Army. When used properly, I say, not really.

Seer Council -330 Points
1x Farseer (Witchblade/Pistol with Guide)
1x Farseer (Witchblade/Pistol with Fortune)
1x Farseer (Witchblade/Pistol with Mind War)
3x Warlock (CCW/Pistol with Embolden)
1x Warlock (CCW/Pistol with Augment)

This council is here for one purpose: to help the WraithLord survive, and to help the Dark Reapers hit their targets. The Mind War/Augment combo is obviously there to help remove any buggers from the table. Mind War is actually very scary, because you never know when it might work...

The Avatar -80 Points

Your next question: "Why field the Avatar?" Good Question. He can't fleet of foot like the Guardians can, he's not really that awesome in close combat (10 WS is quite useless really, considering its TEN) and he has a lousy save for someone who's meant to be a reincarnated god hero. My answer- he's inspiring. To be honest, I dont really find anything inspiring about somethign that looks like Nightmare from Elm Street, but there we go, he helps Guardians stay in combat and fight off the odds. The Guardians are eliminated by simple weapons like Bolters and Gauss Flayers and to prevent them from falling back too much before they can assault, the Avatar is there to 'cheer them on'. Looks pretty awesome anyways towering over 62 Guardians :).


Many people field 2 squads of 5 guardians to fufill the requirements. I say this is sacrilege. Guardians really rock when used correctly and hopefully the army above shows that. I hope you've enjoyed reading and please post lots of replies! Thanks!

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for tank bustan squad just get 2 squads of fire dragons.

it looks like a fun list. i wouldnt waste fortune on the wraithlord. usually things that can actually hurt him are vet sargents with power weapons, buit they are str4 so they cant. the onyl thing u have to watch out for are hq. they are most of the times str5 and ahvre power weapons. also...he is gonna get shot the hell wiht las cannons so he isnt most of the time gonna get a save. cast fortune on themselves. re rollable 4+invulnerable saves. its just hanis.

i play ulthwe myself. but much different then this. my seer coucil sits in the back along wiht my entire army and cast guide and fortune and aids my guysa nd alos cast 3 mind wars a turn. i sit back and shoot until the other army is range for assualt and i strike with the wraithlord and stiking scorpions.

this gives me an idea. howling banshees would be great. you are an assault orietated army and dont have alot of power weapon attacks. u also dont have much mobility. i would get 10 banshees and throw em in a wave serpent. this give u the option of mobility. u can move 6 witht he rest of yur army, of move 24" and zoom ahead...w.e yu want.

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I don't have the Eye of Terror book thing so I have no idea abt the new Ulthwe Strike Force. From the Army Builder, the "Spear of Khaine" seems to be an avatar with a compulsory warlock bodyguard. For now though, since I have no idea abt the Eye of Terror stuff, i think i'll leave it there :).

Salamander: Some interesting points. The Fire Dragons are your conventional anti-tank squads but I wouldn't field them (for this army anyway) for the following reasons:

1) Takes away the 'uniformity' of the army. IMHO I think a good army (one I can be proud of) is one that not only kicks arse, but looks really nice on the playing field. Not a very viable reason, but something of opinion.

2) Fire Dragon Exarchs are unable to fleet of foot. This means that if the exarch is unable to keep in coherency with the squad (you want[\B] the exarch with his Tank Hunter exarch power and firepike) and thus to keep them in maximum fast attacking effeciency, you must mount them in Wave Serpents. wave Serpents cost alot of points, and already with the 330 point Seer Council making up one fifth of the army... you get my point.

The "Tank Buster" squad is equipped with fusion guns, which means 6 strength+2D6 in close range, and with haywire grenades that glance any tank on a roll of 2-5. Also, they cost much less and can fleet. With the zergs leading the main assault, these guys should sneak easily past enemy lines :).

About the WraithLord, apparently, there's a new rule that does not allow weapons to be shot through walkers. This means that my WraithLord can no longer act as a tank to absorb all incomnig hits to the Seer Council/Reaper squad. Is this true?

Btw, pretty cool Ulthwe army, but to be honest I think the actual Ulthwe is a massive guardian army led by a council. I'm not saying that people should follow the story blindly, fielding armies in accordance to the novels, but its a cool way to form an army. I'm a huge fan of Guardians and their new Storm Guardian models only get better. Ulthwe Mass Guardian armies are underplayed and are normally underrated. Don't underestimate a huge horde of Black Guardians with 5 WS and 5I, each with 3A when charging.... I've seen good SM players send their Grey Knight squad to assault a Seer Council (not my army, sadly) because their underestimated the Guardians, thinking that they were harmless. Bad move. A turn later, 40 guardians assaulted the HQ squad, and they had to distribute 26 wounds (yes, the many attacks went pass the 4T and the 2+ saves) even before the HQ squad could return blows. Don't underestimate the Guardians!!

Again, you suggested that I should field some Banshees. Banshees are very good anti-Space Marines because of their power weapons. Considering they only cost a mere 16 points, it is not surprising to see several Banshees in every Eldar army. Once again, I would not field them bcoz of:

1) Inability to Fleet of Foot. If moutned in Wave Serpent just too much points...
2) Takes away the uniformity

So how do I take care of power armour? Simple. Guardian en masse[\]. If i can dart in and out of cover, I should not die too easily to bolter fire. When I asault after a heavy wave of shuriken pistol fire, due to my massive force, the many attacks should be able to nick a wound or two pass their thick Power Armour. AGainst Imperial Guard, Orc or Tyranids, this army technically should be able to handle the enemy swathes due to greater numbers and my sneaky flamer squads. Furthermore, I've got my Dark Reaper squad (basically anti-marine) to shoot down bugger squads with nasty armor saves.

And I also have the not-so-scary Avatar 'inspiring' them to fight :lol:
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