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Me and my friend were testing his new list for Games Day LA, his all Inquisition Demon Hunters with SoB allies against my Eldar. Lists were as follows

Hq: Seer Council 2x Farseers with Fortune and Runes of Witnessing
3x Warlocks with Wraithgate, Enhance and Embolden w/ Witchblades and Pistols all around.

17 Storm Guardians w/ Warlock: Enhance, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol, Waystone
2x 16 Storm Guardians w/ Warlock: Enhance, Witchblade, Shuriken Pistol

Fast Attack
2x Viper w/ Brightlance and Crystal Targeting Matrix

Heavy Support
3 Warwalkers w/ 2x Shuriken Cannons
2x D-Cannon batteries

His list was.....

HQ: Inquisitor Lord w/ Psycannon, Mystic, 3x Heavy Bolter Servitor and Emperor's Tarot
Grand Master w/ Demon Hammer (replacing Storm Bolter)

Elites: He had two Elite Inquisitors w/ the same options minus the special stuff, but same henchmen and guns.

2x 10 Storm Troopers w/ 2 plasma guns and a Rhino w/ Extra Armor

9 Grey Knights w/ Justicar

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusaider w/ Psycannon Bolts
Grey Knights Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon and Incinerator

Mission = Recon

With deployment I had a small strip of forest on my right with my war walkers and D-cannons hid behind and a building on my left which my vipers hid behind with my seer council
he deployed his crusaider with the knights and grand master in it 12" up and the rhinos using it for cover the Inquisitors all hugged woods and readied the ammo. he got first turn (damn tarot).

1st Turn Hunters

he zoomed all vehicles up 12" but since i had everything hidden he had no targets.

1st Turn Eldar

i took my turn, and in the movement phase popped the raider with the vipers than jumped them back into hiding. the seer council ran out of cover, the war walkers moved into the forest without being immobilized and the d-cannons held the backfield. the seer council cast fortune and the war walkers opened up on the demon hunters elite inquisitor (easiest to kill) and reduced it to the inquisitor and a mystic. they failed their Ld test and fell back 10". the d-cannons had no targets and the seer council fleeted an amazing inch.

2nd turn Hunters
As the Inquisitors retinue couldn't rally, they ran off the board. The Grey Knights, not being entangled, ran towards the building hiding my Vipers and the Rhinos flanked the same building. The Storm Troopers filed out of the transports and the shooting began with my Vipers taking no damage to Storm Bolters, but losing one Viper to a Plasam shot. 1 Storm Trooper died from Gets Hot. The Seer Council survived the shooting round unscathed except a wound on a Farseer from a psycannon. The Grey Knights attemtped to assault the Viper but rolled short on the test.

2nd turn Ulthwe
I managed to get all my reserves ready in the wraithgate, so the Seer Council cast Fortune and advanced. The remaining Viper jumped up and immobilized the Dreadnought. The D-Cannons targeted the Grey Knight squad in the builidng and killed 5. The Warwalkers opened up on the other Elite Inquisitor and he to fell back unable to rally. The Seer Council fleeted 4" towards the Dreadnought.

3rd Turn Hunters
The Storm Troopers all mounted up and went 12" toward my Seer Council. The Grey Knights moved towards my War Walkers and D-Cannons, but still inside the building. They managed to destroy the other Viper in with Storm Bolters and the remaining Inquisitor squad did nothing to the Seer Council, as did the Assault Cannon.

3rd Turn Ulthwe The Seer Council advanced towards the Rhinos and of course cast Fortune. They dropped the Gate and made ready to assualt a Rhino. The War Walkers reduced the Grey Knights to a Justicar and a Grand Master and the D-Cannons popped the Rhino, entangling the Storm Troopers. The Seer Council assaulted the Rhino and destroyed it.

4th Turn Hunters
The Justicar and Grand Master ran toward the Seer Council and the Storm Troopers still in their Rhino moved toward the War Walkers. The War Walkers didn't take damage from the Inquisitors squad and the Storm Troopers assulted the Seer council, wounding the Farseer once more but losing 2 of their number and passing their Break Test.

4th Turn Ulthwe
The big Black Guardian squad and the Avatar piled out of the Wraith Gate but couldn't get to the combat because to many vehicles littered the field. The Seer Council casr Fortune and the Guardians fleeted for the enemy deployent zone and the War Walkers killed the Dreadnought and the D-Cannons knocked off the Justicar. The combat saw a dead Storm Trooper and no damage to the Seer Council but the Storm Trropers held on.

5th Turn Hunters
The Grand master moved into assault range of the Seer Council and the Inquisitor Squad failed to harm the War Walkers again. The Grand Master couldn't make it tinot base with an enemy and was unable to assault. The combat was a standstill but seeing what was left on the field my opponent conceded.

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I actually have I mean re-rolling those scatters would help alot! There's only two problems. First of all I can't find the points, I mean nothing has ever let me down in a way that I felt it needed it to be dropped. Also, I run 2x Fortune because it always saves my Seer Council and alot of armies seem to be running anti-psyker in important Tournaments. :-/ I will try to re-tool tonight though. because Guide is sooooo good.

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yeah he's done alot of list revision, i cant wait to play it because i find the whole Inquisitorial army very cool.

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Actually Inquisitors are not Fearless. Elite Inquistitors take Ld tests as normal but Lord Inquisitors can choose whether to pass or fail all Ld and Morale tests, which is why I didn't shoot them. :) Thanks for the compliment.
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