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What? A Sighting of the Lost Vyper Craftworld?

Yes! It´s been a while, since i played/filmed a batrep with Eldar, but let´s see how it goes!

I made a list with a single idea, and informed the opponent, that i am not bringing Ynnari or Dark Reaper spam or anything that is now in, in with the Ulthwe Wraiths...few Warlocks, a Farseer and three Wave of the units are Wraith constructs and everything has the 6+ "FNP" from the Ulthwe...

New Maelstrom mission, Kill Confirmed also tested here. 2000p of Wraithbone going against the Michelin men...i mean robots from Mars.

Ulthwe Wraiths (Eldar) vs. Metallicus (Adeptus Mechanicus)...enjoy!

- Lost Vyper
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