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I originally wanted to make an adversary army (Out of the witch hunters Codex) a few years ago... probably 4 years ago in all honesty, and have been collecting bits here and there since. It then turned into a LOTD force, and now it's going to be a army.
After recently taking about a 3 month break from the hobby (busy life) I wanted to really get back into it, and although i know i should finish off painting the adeptus marines army (see sig) I do vastly prefer converting, and these have been on the to do list for quite some time....

Undead Guardsmen
I am going to limit myself to a 1750 point army, built to a pre-thought army list, Instead of my normal pell-mell army building tactic (buy stuff and try it... ooh! that looks nice, buy that). I want it themed yet competitive, something i can turn up with to a game without knowing i'm likely to lose with but still full of flavour.

The list is themed, and fitting in some awsome ideas and parts i've got along the way

Oh, and being a undead army all parts will have any trace of a Aquilla absolutely eradicated from them.

I wanted a full platoon of standard guardsmen, but I also wanted to instantly be able to tell veterans apart from them (In my opinion with heavily converted armies it is VITAL that everything is identifiable and equipped as it should be - I'm making this to game with, I don't want my opponents to resent it, even if it's a genuine mistake.)
The standard platoon will be made of Cadian/Tomb King skeletons / Zombie parts
The Veterans will be made from Catchans / Vraksian Renegades.

- From trial and error I learnt that the new skeletons don't work (too thin and covered with medieval plates), and only 50% of the zombie boxes are useable ( notably medieval / belted lower torso's, which clashes with the cadian torso's)
The catchan torso's and arms don't look good on zombies - they're too bulky (Shots of prototypes will be added later)

Edit 27/06/2010
The Army List, on the IG Army List Forums

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Sounds like a great little project. I plan on doing something along these lines in the next few months. Tho i will will mostly doing a mutie army.
As i feel the I.G codex will not repersent this very well i plan on usiing this,

It's what LatD are meant to be and i only wish G.W woud remember that not ever chaos army is chaos marines! Good luck and i will be watching this thread with earnest!

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Some Photo's for you all (Converting in Progress):

1) Company Command

I wanted to make the Command squad that little bit beefier than normal troops, But can't quite decide on anything more than the Skull shoulder pads.
Oh, The plasma guns are the new CSM Plasma's (basically as i couldn't find any old ones - they're preferred as they're sleeker, but hey)

The commander has a hellhound commander's hat on top of a khorne marine's head (heavily shaved down.) - I really wanted vamparic teeth for my commander, and unhappy with all the metal heads thought of this one. I may need to green stuff ears though. His main body is the baneblade tank commander's, and the Power Fist / Mutated claw came off a ancient chaos mutations sprue.

The Advisor is the Forge world Renegade Psyker (I love the model) He's going to be a Astropath, although a Master of the Fleet Or Ordinance would be reprasented just as well. (In apocalypse he's a MOO)

2) Primaris Psyker

It's the other F/W Primaris psyker, Looking into the adversaries artwork this model has to be based on that artwork. It's just so nice.

3) Priest

Yet another F/W model, He's just too nice to miss. He's perfect for a priest to go with my "assault" combined squads with comissar, although i'm highly tempted to remove the nurgle iconography.

1) Sly Marbo

I used zombie torso and arms, adding a Chaos warriors sword (for the ripper blade) and grenades and demo charge from the F/W cadian upgrade pack. The head was a cut down chaos mutation sprue one. I kinda wanted him pulling himself out of the ground originally, but frankly couldn't be bothered as i'd have to ruin the detail on the rest of him with mud etc.

Fast Attack
1) Sentinal

It's a old sent with the defiler's whip arm for legs. I may need to shorten them / repose them a bit. The Head is the old chaos mutation sprues one again (with the mouth stiched shut)

2) Vendetta
You don't need a picture of a box, right? Basically i'm gonna paint it black with a skull over the cockpit so it can be used in my standard IG army - all pilots and crew will have fully enclosed helmets.
I am kinda tempted to get a old F/W one for cheap and hack it to bit's like it's been shot up though.


1) Infantry Platoon
Command Squad

They're to run after my "combat block" and issue 1st rank, 2nd rank when nessecary.


He goes with the "Combat block" of squad 1,2 and 3
Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

These guys all join together and run off with the comissar and priest, they can be quite horiffic with 1st rank, 2nd rank or when charging. Either way they score and they're pretty hard to remove.

Squad 4

Squad 5

These guys join together to shoot their AC's and Plasma guns at whatever needs it. The autocannons are the ancient chaos autocannons off the old Chaos HW Sprue ("melon slice missile launcher, autocannon, and conversion beamer)
The skeletal hand with a sabre with hand guard makes for a exellent firing arm without too much hassle.

2) Vets With Melta's

Three melta's and a power fist for jumping in a vendetta and whacking stuff. I love this format, it works very well for me in my normal games.

3) Vets with Plasma's

A Power fist, vox, 3x plasma's and a lascannon (actually a ancient chaos conversion beamer)

Heavy Support

1) Demolisher

The hull flamer is a spare off the chimera kit (cut down so it's not too long). All aquilla's have been removed, and the driver is the chaos renegade from the Malcador

2) Eradicator

This bad boy used to be a F/W conqueror, and you could move and shoot it's STR8 non- ordinance weapon in days of old. However, nowerdays, it sucks. A baneblade nova cannon, a bit of repair / removal (bulldozed blade, aquilla's from the heavy bolters) and it'll be good to go. Don't like that hatch much. The extra sight was a cut down IG chimera heavy bolter plate from the turret.

3) Basalisk Crew

Using car body filler meh for the bases these will fit onto my basalisk crew area nicely (I never attached the original crew or the gun shield for ease of tranport, so having got a spare these are ideal for a multi-use basalisk)


Bit of work, a chaos rhino top plate, flamer, bit of cleaning up and exess wargear removal and we're ready for priming. I can't decide who to put in it - the Company command, Platoon command or vets with plasma's. I'm thinking company command.

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Thankyou, I put the vehicles on now. Is there any you'd like a better / closer picture of? (I think i should do the vamparic commander and sly marbo a bit more justice than the hurried ones i did yesterday)

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Right, some revised photo's (The sentinal, the company command, chimera and Demolisher) are now up, I really am having trouble deciding whether or not to do the basalisk or 2x chimera's. I'm also thinking of completely ditching my conqueror turret - It's too knackered and has a inch of bad paint on it, and the gun is shifted to the left making it off-centre.

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Here is the selected parts for the first "chunk" of Apocalypse units (Eventually 1,250 points will be added to a total of 3,000)

1) A rather Ludicrous Witch Hunter Inquisitor and retinue (Undead Style of course)


Power sword, Inferno Pistol, Psychic hood, Frags, Rosarius, Hammer of the witches (I may nick the sage's hanging book to represent psychic powers)
- CSM and WFB Chaos bits used extensively, melta barrel (for the inferno pistol) is a off cut from a space marine multimelta (converted to a heavy flamer with baneblade spare h.flamers)

3x Crusader Henchmen

Brettonian men at arms bodies, WFB chaos assorted bits, I'm going to make parodies of the 2x existing crusaders

3x Familiars

Empire General standard bit, 2x devastator skulls (may be changed to others, like CSM lord familiar)


Man catcher and bolt pistol
- The man catcher end is the Orc runtherd end, with catchan and chaos marauder parts (The shoulder pads are there to cover the join between arms and torso, for ease)


Catchan head and packs, catchan bits (legs will be changed prob) chaos marauder torso.


Empire legs, torso and arms, Skaven book (Left Hand), chaos head and weapon, CSM Lord book.
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