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Hello everyone, I have been developing a PBBG (persistent browser based game) loosely based off of Necromunda miniature game. You can play from any computer in your browser with no downloads necessary.

Some of the features in the game include:

* Build and Control your own Gang

* Compete to be the richest or largest gang in Alpha Dome 117

* Attack other gang territories and take them for your own

* Explore huge Domes and twisting Sewers

* Equip your ganger with the best Archeotech items Credits can buy

* Corner the Black Market with items from Silicone Crystals to Master Crafted Lascannons

* Turn your Ganger into the ultimate Cyborg with Bionic Implants and enhancments!

* Explore unique towns and discover hidden secrets of Alpha Dome 117

* 291 pieces of armor

* 220 Weapons

* 58 items, bionics and grenades

* More items and gear are added almost daily!

If this sounds like something that might be fun, come check it out, it is free to play at:

The UnderHive, a Necromunda RPG

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