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Lord-Power weapon, Plasma pistol, Spikey Bits, Furious Charge, Infiltrate, D. Armour, D. Resilence. 160pts

9 marines chain swird + b.p 2 meltas infiltrate F.c- A.c Spikey bits pp, pw 243

10 marines Bolters (Rhino) 215

Predator M. Hull t. lascannons, h. bolters

Bikes 5, 2 meltas ac power weapon furious charge
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I wouldn't advise a plasma pistol on your lord...any over-heats and that 160pt. model could be taking a wound from his own weapon. Might be better to just take a bolt pistol in this case for the extra close combat attack.

Predator - Mixing lascannons and a heavy bolter might not be the best option as these both do different roles, I would say either T-L autocannon and Lascannons, all lascannons, or T-L autocannon and heavy bolters.

For your lord - drop spiky bits, add mutation, drop armor, drop infiltrate and give him a bike and daemonic aura. Out him behind your bikes so he can't be targeted and use him as a strong counterattack. Also, instead of a power weapon, give him a dark blade.
The Lord was Infiltrating with the squad its been effective in the past. I know what your saying about the Dark blade but thats my fluff for being on the planet. Also ive dropped the pp thanks for that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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