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Going to get started in doubles tournaments near where I live so I have written up two 750pts list for my friend and I to play there. I wanted to hear any advice people may have on the lists mostly on the three points listed below, but any advice at all is welcome :D

1) What nasty units should I keep and eye on that may be hard to deal with?
2) What could I include or change in this list to counter or lessen its threat?
3) Can lists do well in tournaments if they don't have 2-3 strong anvil units?

The rules for our doubles follow the exact rules for a normal standard 1500pt army except each army must choose a hero and core and heroes may take battle standards and still be the general. And each must not exceed 750pts for there army.

Dark elves 748pts

sorceress /w level 2 + tome of furion + power stone + power stone

5x dark riders /w repeater crossbows + musician

5x harpies

11x shades /w great weapon + blood shade


Sorceress goes with shades the rest is self explanitory

Vampire counts 743pts

vampire /w dark acolyte + summon ghouls + the flayed hauberk + sceptre de noirot

vampire /w dark acolyte + summon creatures of the night + enchanted shield + the cadaverous cuirass + balefire spike + hellsteed

10x ghouls /w crypt ghast

3x fell bats

6x black knights /w standard bearer + royal standard of strigos

Summon ghouls goes with the ghouls, hellsteed vampire flys up the flanks with the fell bats and the black knights.

This list should have strong shooting and magic phases as well as quite a few hard hitters in the list. But my only concern is if the flying/fast moving elements in the army are enough too isolate/slow the enemy army so that I will not need multiple anvil units? Three of these are going to be hard to kill due to re-gaining wounds through magic which should be nice. I shouldn't have too hard of a time taking out enemy fast cavalry and skirmishes though. Would love to hear your advice!


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I just have to say this, this list is crap, there is nothing that can take down a well built saurus army. first off, the sorceress is going to die in like the 2nd turn and your hell stead vampire is worthless and is going to be a pin coushin nothing is is going to save if you face a wood elf army. 41 men is small and nothing save a perfect roll of a dice is going to save you. Ok enough negativity, but i would take out the hellstead vampire and add in more ghouls. One thing of vampires is this, always more where that came from, except for heroes and lords.
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