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UPDATE: rather nasty 1,500 pt kroot army.

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Hey again guys,

Thanks for your comments on my previous post. I have done a complete overhaul on the list I wrote. I realised that for what the shaper council costs you can have a lot more effective units, so although they can be usefull, I removed them from the list. here is a much larger 1,500 pt army that I feel could be more effective, let me know what you think. as with the previous army everything has the ork hybrid mutation for survivability, and every model can infiltrate between 12 and 17" away from the enemy, as well as re-rolling first turn (naturally lol)


Master Shaper 160pts
master shaper with eviscerator, surefoot charm, kroothawk totem, 2 kroot hounds, hyperactive nimune organ, mark of the favoured child, veneration charm.


Carnivore Kindred 269pts
shaper with eviscerator and blood of the stalker. 19 kroot with kroot rifles

Carnivore Kindred 269pts
shaper with eviscerator and blood of the stalker. 19 kroot with kroot rifles

Fast Attack

Vulture Kindred 349pts
shaper with eviscerator and blood of the stalker. 19 kroot vultures with kroot rifles

Kroot Hound Pack 429pts
Shaper with eviscerator and blood of the stalker. 19 kroot with kroot rifles. 20 kroot hounds

total 1476pts

I have 24 points remaining and need advice on this. I did think about splitting the kroot hound pack in half, but I'm 2 points short to buy a shaper for that unit and I'd want to buy that shaper a surefoot charm. at the moment its a 40 strong unit that the master (with his surefoot charm) and his two kroot hounds join to make a really nasty unit (or should that be 'horde'?). If It comes to is I'll just buy a punji pit and give my shapers frag grenades.

there are 101 models in the army and I cant expand the units any further. any advice would be very much welcome! and feel free to tell me what you think of the list.
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not sure if a shaper with hounds can join a unit...may be wrong tho.. give the sure foot charm to the shaper, as it will really help you get there first turn. looks good overall
A shaper given hounds will count as a unit of his own, and won't be able to join units.

Split that kroot hound pack in 2 unit, and you are good to go. Flexibility remains paramount.
I just have to say that it is a crime not to use the best snipers in the game when you can. For 121 measly points, you get 10 sniper rifles. Stick them in some cover and you have a unit capable of commiting some serious havoc.

If you trim a smidge off each squad, you can pay for this squad without reducing the efectiveness of you big squads all that much. Plus, this will split your army up, meaning your opponent has to split fire or ignore one portion. Giving you a nice position.

A squad of 40 moddels is too damn unwieldy. Please split it up!, you'll butcher any squad you charge anyway with each half, so why not?

Good luck!
Because you can still declare multiple assaults, spreading the effectiveness of the unit into two or more squads, just like with two squads, but for less points and w/o taking up more foc slots, which for me are full with a second 40 man hound squad and
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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