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I was wondering what the consensus (if there is one) is about Ursarkar E. Creed being considered an Officer (and as a corollary being able to give his leadership to squads 12" around him.) His rules do NOT explicitly say he is an Officer, but:

He has Iron Discipline, an ability possessed only by Officers (and useful only to those who can give their leadership to others anyways.)
He is the supreme commander of all Cadian forces (this is just a fluff reason, though.)
Kell is said to have all the priviledges of being an Officer, including the Command special rule (which is not the Leadership rule, but I assume it is implied that it is) and can therefore project his leadership of 8 (with reroll) for 12" too.

However, neither of these are stated explicitly and require interpretation. I have emailed GW, and they said that Creed is an Officer for these purposes, but Kell is not, which is confusing as it seems equally strange.

What are some arguments you've used to justify Creed being an Officer? I feel its a bit odd to point out that Kell is an Officer (and then omit to mention that Creed is too. I assume this is because of their odd titles of Lord Castellan and Sergeant respectively.) I hope we can develop an adequate justification for their being able to give their leadership to others. The only reason I bought them was to use them to boost my leadership bubbles, aside from that they're pretty worthless I feel, being two T3 models, only one of which has a power weapon.

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Kell is, it says so in his special rules paragraph in the codex. Creed is not, even though he has a "officer only" item in his special rules.
He does have a use: re-rolling 1st turn dice. That's vital for a gunline, and one of the most important rolls of the game.
Also, I love Kell's melee ability - WS5 PowerFIST - who else in the IG army gets WS 5?
(That's Shaeffer, or a officer/Commisar/HI in a squad with hardened fighters doctrine) - i can't remember guants (or Nokk Dekkdog and Macharius is random)

GW may have intended him to be one, but as written he is not. I wouldn't have a problem playing with him doing so.
Many people disagree
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