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Using Allies

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I recently made a Trait SM chapter and i wanted to use Deamonhunters as Allies. It plays into fluff reasons with my chapter because I have made the Mantis Legion who were part of the Badab Uprising and need to go on a 100 year crusade to redeem themselves and I wanted to use some GK or GK termies because they are suppose to watch the chapter so they arent really chaos. But back to my question if I take some DH allies then can i just take a squad or two or do i need and HQ and 2 troops choices? And do they fill their own force organisation chart?
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Inquisitorial allies (Daemonhunters or Witchhunters) are taken as simple additions, so they're treated sorta like any other selection for your army. They do not need an HQ and 2 troops. You can take up to:

1 HQ
1 Elite
2 Troops
1 Fast attack
No Heavy Support allowed.

These don't count towards your required selections (they've gotta be marines), and they do take up your force org slots (no separate chart).
It depends wether the space marines are the main army or are the allies.
The space marines will be the main army but you guys already answered my questions thanks.:yes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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