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using Tanith Ghosts & Last Chancers models for other IG squads

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I really like both the ghosts and alot of the schaffers last chancer models more than any other metal IG infantry models, I think its something about their individual appearance. Or maybe its because of the chancer's light equipment & the ghosts' other-worldly appearance(ie; not born on earth). This is probably because I was looking for something good to represent alot of my squads. Well realisticly not alot considering theyre all metal and have to be ordered individually from GW for best assortment.. but maybe for my veteran teams, or vice versa for my regular teams(lighter equipped, less 'buff' than the catachan plastics). Plus the female with the missle launcher rules.. and they do make a model from each with a special weapon(the ghost's have a plasma dude, but thats an easy mod neway).

I know its not financially the best way to do it, but each army ive built prior to this hasn't been a true showpiece special army for me.. i always ended up not putting enough effort into this or that, and it made me want to build anew. I mean, how many armies do you paint before your an award quality painter anyways? its the necessary process of experience perhaps. Im building a 1500pt IG army from a Deathworld with mixed IG/deathworld elements, light on tanks and BIG guns.. so its not like ill be winning that much anyways, im doing it because i like the idea and its damn fun piecemealing an IG army using all the mini range as your possible selections, if you can make them look uniform. For instance im working on a pair of Cadian snipers, to go with my Catachan-looking plastic veterans and my soon to be Ghost/Chancers squads. Paint them the same, adorn them the same (ie; foliage), and they look uniform right?

Have you seen someone pull something like this off to good effect? I'd just hate to have an entire army of big buff Catachan-twins(lol), though their pricetag is tempting. Do you have any advice, are there any particular models youve seen that would go well with what ive mentioned? Its a big investment into the metal figs for squads, and though my 1st squad would inevitbly be my "test" squad in appearance anyways, i could save the money and time if it would end up looking silly.
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