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Using waywatchers as scouts?

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I was just wondering if that would be accepted in GTs cuz I really like the look of the way watchers cause theyre fun to paint but the point cost is little high.
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In regular games I would say yes to it. In GT? Hmm.. No, I don't think so. Maybe if you made sure everybody knows what they are but I would'nt count on it.
Nope! Thats pretty sure!
WYSIWYG is a big rule in GT!
I went to the GT finals over the weekend at warhammer world (not playing just thought it would be cool to watch) and it was very much WYSIWYG. Some guy even had swords and shields slung over the backs of a unit of archer as otherwise he would not have been able to use that weapon combo.

Also warhammer world was a very cool place, grand tournament finals in one room and then football and rugby on the big screen in the bar next door. Genius.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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