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hi, I just started with VC, and im going to play in a tournement soon. its 1500 pts, and I hope somone can help me make an good beginner army out of what I have of moddels. I can buy somthing new if it needs to fit.

I have.
1 vampire on foot.
30 skeleton
20 ghouls
1 corps cart
20 zombies.

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well, first off i hope you have the vampire army book!

as for how to organise your models for a 1500pts tournament, here's some suggestions:

- take at least 2 vampires w/dark acolyte power. our army lives or dies in the magic phase, so you need to really control that part of your game... in games under 2000pts this can become very difficult however since we can't take a vampire lord. if you want to do alot of raising, then you'll likely want to ensure you can generate 6-8 power dice in your casting phase!
also make sure you give your vampires armour - especially your general!!!

- for your 3rd hero slot, you could take a necromancer who's a nice cheap wizard (and can also ride a corpse cart for added protection!) plus he gets to actually pick his spells - no random rolling required!
if you want a bit of a fighty touch, then a wight king is the cheap option. he's very reliable and comes with killing blow. otherwise a fighty vampire can add some punch to one of 'hammer' units, especially if you give him a great weapon for S7! now he can even one-shot enemy chariots and such!

- for your core, i'd start them at 13-15 strong to ensure that they can't be wiped out before you get a chance to summon added models. stick to either skellies or ghouls at this pts level. you won't have the magic or vampire powers to try and raise big units of both!
ghouls are the fightier option and work best when run 7 models wide. they lack armour of any kind and have a weaker static combat res, but are tougher and through out double the ammount of attacks that skellies will!
skellies on the other hand have decent armour (especially when given the hand weapon/shield), generate great static combat res and can take a magic banner to further help them out! their drawback however is that they won't kill much on their own - they need character support or else will rely on wearing their opponent's down through a battle of attrition...

- don't take zombies - you can always just raise them! if you really like zombies alot, then give a vampire the scepter de noirot to help raise even more!
a corpse cart w/loadstone can also help increase the sheer number of zombies and other undead you can summon.

- dire wolves are best kept for diversionary purposses... use them to bait your opponent into bad charges (ie: get him expose a unit's flank to a counter charge and/or pull frenzied units into a bad position).
they're also good for march blocking! just don't expect them to do much in combat...

- grave guard. there's 2 ways to field them, offensive hammer unit or grinding combat res unit. the 'hammer' unit will run 7 wide w/great weapons and take upgrades like the banner of the barrows and have a fighty character along for the ride. this unit can carve through most things!
the 'grinder' unit will run 5 models wide and stick to the hand weapon/shield combo for a 3+ save in combat. they'll fight all day, and can hopefully get a couple of lucky killing blows to land. eventually they'll win, and they're great for holding a superior enemy unit up so that you can then flank charge to finish the enemy off!
either way you'll want about 15-19 models in the unit...

- black knights are ace! heavy cav that can move upto 16" (don't give them barding!) and they ignore all terrain penalties! slam them into the enemy's exposed flanks after you've held up the victims with your skellies/ghouls!
never, ever put a vampire into the unit though as they'll lose their special movement ability!!! (since the vampire will be riding a nightmare and not a skeletal poney!)

- vargulf. they're fairly cheap what the potential damage they'll inflict, though they can be hit-and-miss since they rely on regen to keep going, and any kind of flaming attack will negate that...

- the other rare option would be a black coach. they can be absolutely devastating in lower pts games since only a few armies can bring alot of S7 attacks to the table... (namely empire & dwarf gunlines)
the coach is not only the hardest chariot in the game, but it can also help fuddle the enemy's magic phase by sucking up power dice!
you can either keep the coach near the center of your lines (next to say a grinder unit of grave guard) and use it to help hammer into the enemy's battle line, or else send it up a flank and start rolling up the enemy's fast cav & missile troops!

anyways, i hope this helps give you a few ideas!

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many good tips to build my army, and I will use them in the future. but atm im stuck with what I have and cant buy to much more(can invest some in the army befor the torunement). so i need help to build an army after what i have or just that i have and buy some more. I know I have problem with the core, dont have alot of ether skellies or ghoules. and no really hard hitting. so I dont know what strong army to build without buy alot. thats why i need help to make it. any help are welcome!.
and yes i have the army book(1 battellion,1 skeleton box,1 ghoul box and 1 vamp)

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