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Just a small list I put together after fighting some tomb kings the other day (and remembering how fun undead are in the process). What do we think?


Vamp - Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield - 109

Necromancer - Master of the dead - 85


20 Skeleton Warriors - swords, boards, standard - 110

40 Zombies - 120

10 Ghouls - 100

5 Dire Wolves - 40

3 Crypt Horrors - 114

3 Vargheists - 138

Varghulf - 175

Total = 991

Thoughts? Dire Wolves + Vargheists are there to clear chaff & hunt war machines, Zombies are the main anvil (with whatever charges them being flanked by the skellies &/or ghouls), Horrors are a second anvil (acting in conjunction with the varghulf &/or ghouls), and the vampire & Necro are there to spam Invocation (with the vampire joining either the ghoul or skellie units for added punch.


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I can see that you are trying to make an all-round vampire counts list. this being said; you're better of with some alternative choices:

1) A vampire is a wondeful general, but she needs vampire powers and/or magical items to be effective. Your Vampiress @ 114 (instead of 109) is quite fragile as she only has T4 and a 3+ AS to protect her, while in the offensive she only brings the basic number of attacks. I'd designate her either as a caster (and then upgrade her to level 2 with the book of Arkhan) in which case you can dispense with the necromancer. Alternatively, you can choose her to be melee, in which case i'd invest in the red fury power and a magic sword. As a 3rd option, you can dispense with the vampire alltogether and work with a necro/wight king/wraith [email protected] 250 points sharp. (Necro level 2/ wight king with great weapon / wraith)

2) the necromancer makes a great general, but if you field him, he needs to be upgraded to level 2 and preferably bring either a dispel scroll or the book of Arkhan. I know it's a stretch @ 1,000 points, but you might also want to consider upgrading him to level 4, which brings him @ 225 points if you bring the book or scroll.

Master of the dead is usually not that great; bringing just 3 more skeletons usually does the trick better.

3) You're toting quite a lot of core troops. Sad as it is, VC core is below par and should only be used to fill out the obligatory 250 points. 20 skeletons (FC) and 38 zombies (banner) will do this nicely enough. If you don't choose the master of the dead upgrade, i'd go with 31 skeletons (FC) and 20 zombies with the banner, which are also 250 points.

That said, 10 ghouls are too small a regiment to have an impact on the battlefield.

4) In the special/rare area the VC army shines. I'd go for one unit of 6 horrors, possibly upgraded to 8 instead of 3/3 horrors/vargheists. The Varghulf is a decent addition to any army, but you might want to consider the terrorgheist instead. the TG is horribly overpowered this edition. Grave guard make a decent addition to any army, but you'll need at least 21 (7*3) to be effective.

Hope this helps!
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