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this is my first vamp list. i wanted to have a bsb and some grave gaurd so that they could benifeit from the extra wounds rule of the bsb, and still use their killing blow goodness.
note: i used the "ncromancer's army" special rules in the back of the vamps book

1 wight lord, bsb, heavy armor
79 pts

necromancer, lvl 2
book of arkhan, spell familiar
140 pts

necromancer, lvl2
staff of damnation
140 pts


20 zombies
100 pts

20 zombies
100 pts


10 wolves
90 pts

15 grave guard, fc
180 pts

14 grave guard, fc
wight bsb goes here
170 pts

999 pnts total

thx for the read, plz comment
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