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I have just finished painting and modeling the sickest models I have ever done and tomorrow I'll upload the pictures...

But first I was wondering about Matt Varnish That i see Games workshop sell.. Should i use it and what are the pro's and cons.

My models are already based and painted with sand, crystals and static grass, would the varnish ruin the grass?
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Purity seal will only really have an impact on static gradss if you spray from too close, spray too much or some of the grass is not attached,
in the first 2 cases wou wil lget opaque blobs forming on the grass, in the latter, bits of grass will wind up sticking to the mini
take care and you should be fine.
Should you varnish - if you are gonna play with the mini then yes, if it is for display purposes then possibly not
The Krylon super matte finish actually works well, I can put multiple coats on a model and you can't tell there is a sealant finish.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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