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The Beginner's Guide to Installing and Running V40k

1) Install Java

The first thing you want to do is to install Java. Download it through the HERE

Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the install process.

2) Download Vassal

Once Java has been successfully installed, you'll want to visit the Vassal Engine download page here.

3) Download the V40k Module

The current V40k Module 3.5.5 can be downloaded here.

4) Start the Vassal program

Starting the Vassal program is pretty simple. Open the Vassal folder you downloaded to the desktop and double click on the VASSAL file circled below.

5) Play the Vassal 40k Module

The Vassal program will open up as pictured below

Click the "Play Module" button and select the V40k Module file that you downloaded to your desktop earlier. (I put the file inside my Vassal folder so I didn't lose it)

6) Look for a game online.

Select the "Look for a game online" option and click finish.

You'll be taken to a window like this, the basic functions are labelled, just ask in the chat box and they'll be someone online willing to help. Just make sure not to interupt other people games.

Guide taken from Vassal 40K Module
For more guides visit the site :)
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