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Vespid mostly confirmed stats

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This is seen on the french GW site....

vespids have Ld 6 >.>
weapon is S5 ap3 and 12"

also in there stealths have upgrade to increase BS by one (bs4)
hammerheads get 12 rear AV
Sniper drones are rail rifles, and take up heavy support.

pretty interesting.
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Sound like fun for any and all Tau players out there I think.
Well, the Vespid could have the same deal as with SoB Repentia, there leadership 6 but thier leader is 10, perphaps its something similar to them...

As far as Hammerheads getting geting 12 on the rear, I don't see why...but I'll take it! that'll be the first medium tank like that AFAIK.

Can't wait to see the codex in it's whole!

Bah! I don't speak French!
Why, oh why did I have to go with German?!?!?!
Oh's not French :shifty: Darn French.

I'm loving the 12 Rear (I'm assuming you are right Mike. Since you're the 'French-Canadian Guy' hehe). Not really sure why, since I have NEVER had my rear armor hit...but whatever.

"1 Ka'Bri'Dan" has LD 9. Could that be the Vespid's leader guy? If you look at it, same stats, except LD, and they didn't list points for it...making me think that it's already been added in the Vespid points.

"12ps de mouvement plus 1D6ps de Course" I take this as 12 in. Move and 1D6 Fleet of Wing? Anyone who knows French that can confirm?
"12ps de mouvement plus 1D6ps de Course" I take this as 12 in. Move and 1D6 Fleet of Wing? Anyone who knows French that can confirm?

Yes that is correct. (though I dont know french.. I just know its right haha)
Those new units look good, but why on earth is it always the bloody french site that gets all the pre-release details?!
As far as the Vespid Ka'Bri'Dan is concerned, wasn't fluff for them released a month or so ago that said that the "leader" had a communications helmet that allowed it to talk to the Tau, but that was the only difference between them? That would make the increase of only the LD make sense, to me anyway
The Vespids appear to be roughly 20 points/model, judging from that site at all. Probably closer to 16-18, with a more costly squad leader. Like a Grey Knight Justicar.

The reason for the Stealth's upgraded BS, I'm guessing, is that new hardpoint upgrade - apparently, you can make any Suits have it... +1BS as a hardpoint option. Or something. That could explain it.. maybe Stealths now have a hardpoint to spend?

Gee I like Babelfish.......I can now read the Vespid entry......It doesn't all make total sense though

The Vespid Neutron Blaster is 12" S5 AP3, but it doesn't say if it's Assault or not, but I'm guessing Assault 1 or 2, since they are Fast Attack units. Using the numbers it shows, Vespid cost 17 pts each, and one is automatically upgraded to the leader guy for free (since they have to be able to communicate)

Sniper Drones are 36" S6 AP3, at a BS of 2. If you get the laser designator upgrade, it either adds 1 to it or it reduces the LD of the target unit......interesting

The Hammerhead had an increase in it's rear armor to make it a little safer to move around, since it is a hovercraft and all and should be moving

That's all that's making sense through the translator, but it's more than we've had before isn't it?
Well, I'm fairly fluent in French, but I don't really enjoy reading it all to much, plus my Vocablulairy ain't all that good. But I'd say they have a FoF type move, 'course' generally means race so it most likely means FoF move.

Just don't quote me on it! :D

Also as I make it out the HQ might be able top choose the different suits like the FWQ ones, you know, built in SMS and such? Sames to be the same thing with the bodyguards.

Everything else seems like we've guessed for awhile AFAIK.

ok i don’t collect 40k but i am going to when the new tau codex comes out bot could some one explain if vespids are good from what they have seen
Just one unit doesn't make sense...Stealths.

For one it was all but confirmed they were getting a toughness upgrade, and in that statline they have no more T than they do now, nor a better save or more wounds.

And on top of that they appear to cost some 40pts a piece...which is insanely high for not really changing anything.
They cost 40 points now due to the upgrade which increased their bs by 1. now it is 4... imagine that much accuracy in shots... its going to be crazy yeah? Ofcourse at the cost of more points... but think of the possibilities....
40pts per stealthsuit?!!!:(

thats almost as expensive as a terminator (which is only slightly more expensive)

if its 40pts per stealth i think i should lower fielding them less than 14:sleep:
The Vespid gun looks pretty nasty. A squad with Marine killing guns? Of course if Vespid were say Bs2 (unlikely) that wouldnt be so good.

Plus if they are T3 5+ then bolters are going to eat them, thier short range may mean they dont get shots off unless you use them propperly.

At 17pts though they should be pretty good, I need all the stats before I decide whether or not to get any.
As for stealths please note there BS is UPGRADED! This should take up some points!
Well, in case you were still wondering, here's a rough translation of the paragraph on the vespid -

The mobility of the Vespids, 12" of movement plus 1D6 more of fleet (i think), allows for them to quickly get to the front lines and put themselves at a good fire distance for their Neutron Blasters. But this Str. 5 AP 3 weapon only has a 12" range, and this obliges the Vespids to expose themselves to an enemy assault. For taking this risk, it is necessary for them to concentrate their shooting on one enemy unit in order to assure it's elimination. As such, the Vespids are a good supplementary unit for Crisis Teams. They are equally and excellent counter-attacking unit, ambushing behind the enemy lines, in the expectation that the enemy (be warned, i wasn't sure about this last bit) concentrates on the Tau positions allowing the vespids to eliminate them with their neutron blasters.

And btw, my french is not so good, so it might not be exactly like that - of course a french person will be much more useful.

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Why does that hammerhead get 12 rear AV?! It will then have thicker armour in the back then a frickin heavy battle tank! Of course, it won't matter much since only a newbie would ever let an enemy shoot his skimmer in the rear.
Could this meen the Eldar Falcon also will get rear 12 since it is also an medium gunship/tank?
The rest sounds good, might be Tau for me in the future (yeah I know I have said I don't like 'em, but if the new 'dex turns out like I am hoping for then they will be sweet!).
They cost 40 points now due to the upgrade which increased their bs by 1. now it is 4... imagine that much accuracy in shots... its going to be crazy yeah? Ofcourse at the cost of more points... but think of the possibilities....
As for stealths please note there BS is UPGRADED! This should take up some points!
Those stealth suits are paying 10pts a model for +1 BS then...Not worth it by a long shot. Like I said, something is definately wrong.
I translated most of the bottom part. Not all of it is perfect, as it is an electronic translator, but:

(PS = inches
force = strength
Pa = AP
Shielding = armour value
Phase of attack = assault phase)


The Commander and his escort are equipped with a general-purpose armament, able to come to end of units heavily protected, or very armoured light (shielding of 10 and 11) and means (shielding 12 and 13). Three twinned rifles with plasma, can deliver 6 shootings of force 6 and Pa 2 with 12ps, without risk of overheating. Moreover, the unit has 6 shootings of force 7 Pa 4 with 36ps. They can moreover carry out one movement of 6ps in phase of attack (Tau engines) and thus be safeguarded out of the lines of unfavourable sight.


The mobility of the Frelons Vespides, 12ps of movement more 1D6ps of Race, enables them quickly to go in front of the lines and to put at good distance fire for their Blaster with Neutron. But this weapon of force 5 and Pa 3 has only 12ps of range, which obliges Vespides to be exposed to an enemy attack. For stage at this risk, it is thus necessary to concentrate the shootings in the same way standard on only one enemy unit in order to ensure itself of its elimination. In that, Vespides constitute a good unit complementary to the teams of Crisis exo-armour. They are also an excellent unit of counter-attack, embusquée behind your lines, in waiting which an enemy invests the Tau positions and to eliminate them with their Blaster with Neutrons.

Stealth Suits

The team of Stealth is a unit of harassing. Its faculty to be infiltrated, its optical jammer and the engines Tau (additional movement of 6ps in phase of attack), ensure this unit the possibility of keeping away of the danger, while inflicting losses, which with the wire of the turns become consequent. The three shootings of gun with impulses of each figurine, from a force of 5 can come to end from light armoured tanks (shielding of 10 and 11). The assistance of shooting (CT+1) increases the chances to touch, and thus to make losses.

Fire Warriors

A team of Warriors of Fire has always a role to play in a battle. Rifles with impulses of force 5, of 30ps of range, are useful against the majority of the units of infantry and the armoured tanks light (shielding 10 and 11). She will be used as bodyguard in Ethéré, which by its presence will return the unit without fear. This last advantage justifies employs it grenades photonic, whose role is to cancel the no-claims bonus of +1 Attaque of any unit enemy wishing to charge the warriors of fire. That will thus limit the losses within the unit. The Warriors of Fire and Ethéré are to be deployed preferably with cover and more in the possible center of your army, in order to be able to make profit all your units Tau (not Vespides, Kroots nor Drones) from the Charisme rule. This one allows any unit having uneligne of sight on Ethéré to start again any test of moral failure.


The relationship of Kroots Carnivores constitutes a rampart of safety. Their force of 4 combined with their two attacks (no-claims bonus of an attack due to Kroot rifle), in fact a line of defence with a good potential at a cost in rather low points. They are to be deployed in front of the team of warriors of Fire, if possible at a distance from 4ps and cover, that in order to optimize their effectiveness. The force of 4 of their rifle with fast shooting, range 24ps, makes it possible to draw on enemy units close to launching an attack. One should not forget their capacity of Forester, increasing their chances of survival and their effectiveness if they are deployed in a forest.

Sniper Drones

The team of Sniper Drones is a unit of harassing, as well as the Stealth exo-armours, of which it has the same optical jammer to be dissimulated with the sight of the enemy. The drones have a higher fire power however. Rifles with rail of force 6, PA3 and 36ps of range are effective against any unit having a higher safeguard or equalizes to 3+, and against the light armoured tanks (shielding of 10 and 11) and means (shielding of 12). However each team has only three shootings of this type, which is not enough to eliminate a complete unit in a phase from shooting, but with the wire of the turns that can become embarrassing for the adversary. Moreover the unit a laser designator multinode has, being able to make them benefit from an assistance of shooting (CT+1), or more useful in their case, being able to make lower the value of command of their target during the test of blocking which would occur, with the case or this one a loss undergoes.


Hammerhead, armoured tank emblematic of an army Tau, is a vehicle difficult to cut down. Its shielding of 13 with before and of 12 on the sides and the range of 72ps of its principal weapon enable him to be held out of reach majority of the heavy weapons. Its Antigrav capacity and its equipment give him the possibility of drawing like a fast vehicle (after having carried out a movement of 7 with 12ps) and make an imperceptible enemy of it. Its weapon with its two modes of shooting, either anti-tank device with a force of 10 and Pa 1, or anti-personnel using the gauge of artillery with force 6 and Pa 4, enables him to come to end from any threat.
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I saw the new Tau codex at Libertyville in Illinois.

The new battlesuit weapon is 18 inches, S3, AP4, Assault 5. Also, any rolls of a 6 to wound count as AP1.

The other weapon shoots 18 inches, guess, large blast, S4 AP5.

Sorry if this was already mentioned. :yes:
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