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OK, Well, seeing as a few select people seem to be getting a virus warning when on LO, we need to look a little deeper into this.

Before reporting any virus instance, please ensure that you
  1. Virus scan your PC
  2. Clear your temporary internet files
  3. Clear your internet Cache
  4. Clear your cookies
  5. Run a Spyware scanner (such as Ad-Aware) on your PC

From now on when reporting a virus on LO please provide;

Name and Version (including Service Packs) of your Operating System
Name and Version of your webbrowser
Name and Version of your virus scanner (including when your virus definitions were last updated)
The Exact virus message you recieve
Which pages you get the warning on.

All posts not made in this fashion will be deleted.

Many Thanks


Pure Venom.
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Well, i've recieved the J/S wonka warning several times, both on my home computer and on the network at college. I cannot give exact details, but it's pretty damn accurate:

At home
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP home edition, service pack 2.
Browser: BT yahoo! browser 2005
Virusscan: Mcafee security center, updates no less frequent than every week.
Virus message: A Trojan "J/S Wonka (and then a few numbers)" has been detected and cleaned! It is recommended you scan your files for viruses, click here to do so, or here to learn more about this trojan.
Which pages: Not the LO frontpage, but any quicklinks into a topic, and any topics in general discussion. Also sometimes it has appeared in conversion.

At college
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, service pack 2
Browser: Internet explorer
Virusscan: Don't know, will find out tomorrow and edit
Virus message: "VIRUS WARNING: J/S Wonka was blocked" or something like that
Which pages: Mostly the same as above, also once in General announcements.

Hope that helps.


Art Culinaire
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Windows 2000 OS
Mcaffe Virus Scanner - updates daily
Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser

Analasis: clicked from main entry screen into the LO forums, mcaffe detected and
erased virus : currently scanning overnite.

Trojan downloaded into E : Drive docs and settings/admin on my computer.

Tried cleaning twice, and second trojan popped up, going to scan files overnight and
let you know.

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Windows XP Office Edition
Symantec Antivirus - I check for updates several times a day
Microsoft IE

Analysis: I clicked on main forums and got the virus notification. Virus was automatically deleted by my antivirus. Every page I click, including the one to reply here I got the virus deleted message from my antivirus. Virus is Download.Trojan
Am running a scan right now and will edit post later to tell you if it is gone.

Edit: The virus scan completed and nothing is left of the trojan on my computer. I still am getting the notification.

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Windows XP, SP2
IE version 6
Symantec Antivirus version 9, last updated 2/8/06

This is the message that the antivirus gave me. I have edited the output not to show any sensitive information.

Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
Event: Threat Found!
Threat: Bloodhound.Exploit.56
File: C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxx\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\0N25KYOO\ie0601e[1].wmf
Location: Quarantine
Action taken: Quarantine succeeded : Access denied
Date found: Thursday, March 09, 2006 9:41:49 AM

I get this message about every time that I browse to a sub-forum.

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Blackhat said:
It should be gone for now :p
It scares me when you put smilies in your response to this issue... It makes me feel as if you are saying "Psh, deal with it cause I don't really care." It would be less scary if you dealt with this in a more serious manner. I'm not trying to be critical... it's just a tad scary is all. :ninja:

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WinXP SP2, etc etc.

AV warning:

Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
Event: Threat Found!
Threat: Download.Trojan
File: C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXX\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KCGZL18O\ie0601e[1].wmf
Location: C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXX\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KCGZL18O
Computer: LN-FL3-07
Action taken: Delete succeeded : Access denied
Date found: 23 March 2006 16:12:31

Happened last week for a bit as well.
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