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This is the second part of the fluff for my army, as it was suggested that I do something from the cultists' "point of view". I've done it from an Imperial point of view more or less, but with a fair bit of cultist input.

The first part is here:

I'm sorry about the awkward spacing. I blame the monkeys myself.


Directed to: Inquisitor Helveticus
Commit to: Imperial Record HANA 783/97o
Inquisition Record HGI[OrdHer] 48945/648
Crossfile to: Voice of the Emperor
Transmitted: Forgeifan
Input Date: 2956999.M41
Thought For The Day: The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal


(damaged picture of a DA crest which won't upload on here because of those silly silly monkeys)

Inquisitor Menelaus:
In your own words, describe how you came to be involved with this cult.

Mal Haerik: It all... started when these people came to us, proclaiming the Emperor returned, and his new commands. It just made so much sense, it spread like nothing I have ever seen, it was so quick, so well organised. It just... seemed so right... our Lords knew what they were doing, they really did. Without them we wouldn't have risen to the dominance that is ours by right.

IM: You know nothing is yours by right dog, it is merely that which the Emperor's mercy grants you. Describe these leaders.

MH: They were... beyond description, so holy, rapturous in their might. They do not deserve to be stooped low and described by mere words, they... [MH screams as further electrical charges are passed through spine]

IM: You will describe them, holy or no.

MH: I'm so, so, sorry... they were giants of men, able to break down iron with their bare hands, and clad in impervious armour, worthy of the Emperor himself. It was... [MH cries out as IM reaches forward and breaks arm]

IM: Nothing such traitors possess is worthy of the Emperor. You say they were clad in armour? Permanently?

MH: [pauses, whimpering] Yes, yes, they would never let their... their... their... ... displayed to mere mortals like us, they wore long robes and frowning masks of disdain for us pitiful mortals. Their breath rattled through their silvered, bared teeth, and their voices shook the ground. It sounded like no voice I have ever heard before, although those they chose to bless with the Emperor's gifts... [MH screams as electrical charge is applied once again. Long pause] ...who... who.. they chose to give gifts... had, had, had similar intonations. So beautiful were they, they were chosen, not like us, the unfortunate ones -

IM: Stick with the leaders. We will deal with the... other ones later. Did they bear any kind of iconography? Anything that you had seen before?

MH: No, nothing I could recognise. Their armour did bear designs, though.

IM: Can you draw these designs?

[pause while MH is handed a quill and parchment, MH produces Graphic File 0913.4/Q]

IM: Just this one design?

MH: They all had it, in one shape or another.

IM: How many of these leaders were there?


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Very good Xerxes, though I think Menelaus might have a bit far when he broke Haerik's arm...8) Then again thats just the opinion of someone who doesn't like using torture in he backgorund of his inquisitors.=D

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I liked it. I personally love the fact that an inquisitor will simply break someones arm for speaken out of turn, bu that's me.

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Really nice work, I should probably give writing fluff a try, if I get time. I am a little annoyed about the fact that you didn't describe how he Broke MH's arm, but whatever.

I look forward to seeing more of your stuff when it gets done, or started...I can wait.

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Ive seen this somewhere before...
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