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Hiyee! Hello, hello!

Well, my little band for Slaanesh Daemons have played 3 games so far!

Game 1: Sieze the objectives: 750 pts against Star Fox space marines (Scout based Marines)
Due to Deepstriking my second wave late in the game, I easily got more objectives and Slaanesh was victorious!

Game2: Sieze Ground: 1000 pts against Star Fox space marines.
A tie. At 1000 pts the Star Foxes invested in a drop pod with dreadnought, which was a bit of a problem. But good fun!

Game 3: Annihilation: 1000 pts against Demi-Tech vanilla marines.
I got tabled:) Forced to actually engage and destroy as many marines as I could, my army proved a bit fragile, ha ha:) High points were pulling the weapon off a rhino with my Fiends of Slaanesh and wiping out a whole squad of assault marines in HtH combat!

In general, everything people have told me here in the Daemon FAQ/Tactica and all the advice you wonderful people have given me has been spot on! The Slaanesh Daemons performed exactly as I expected them to from my time among you all. Fragile daemonettes proved to be easily gunned down, but lionesses once they got into melee. Fiends did a bit of light anti-tank, not great, but capable of dealing with troop tranports. I must get more:)

Daemon Princes rule! Easily my fave pieces, I have 2, and will get my third soon! Durable, quick, with a lot of upgrades available, they have yet to let me down! I don't think I will bring a single Soul Grinder, princes all the way:)

I can see how Slaanesh would benefit from having other powers allied with, but while a purely Slaanesh force isn't the strongest bully on the block, it is more than enough to have a good time:) Besides, I can't stop painting daemonettes, they are too cute!

Thanks again for all the help and support! You all know your stuff, it's great to be a member here!

--- Dreg

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No problem! It's great to hear that you're having fun with the Daemons. Ties and losses will always happen, but they're useful in showing you the strengths/weaknesses of your army, and how to improve. If you like Slaanesh as much as I do, then I recommend eventually getting (or converting from parts/another model) a Keeper of Secrets and some fiends. Both are fantastic at trashing just about anything your opponent can throw at you.

Good luck!
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