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6 Objectives. 3 placed by each player.

Night fight first turn.

Set up:
Hammer and Anvil


Tank Commander:
- Punisher with Pask, Lascannon, Multimelta sponsons and dozer blade (warlord)
- Punisher with Lascannon, Multimelta sponsons and dozer blade

3x Veterans with 2x meltaguns in a chimera
2x Veterans with 2x plasmaguns, grenadiers in a taurox

3x Hellhounds with dozer blade and multimelta (3 distinct units)

Leman Russ Battle Tank with dozer blade
2x Wyvern batteries with 2x Wyverns each


Fireblade 60
+fire warriors (10) 150

fire warriors (10) 150

TL fusion blaster
Missile pod
Shield generator 160
Crisis suits (3)
TL Fusion blasters
Missile pod (3)
Counter fire (3) 186

Piranhas (4)
Fusion blasters (4) 200

Smart missiles
Disruption pod 185

FNP 215

Broadsides (3)
H. Yield (2)
Target lock (rife) 200

Broadsides (3) as above 200

Pathfinders (10) 110

Pathfinders (10) 110

Stealth team (6)
fusion blaster (2) 190

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Admittedly I'm a bit stumped with this matchup. The board seems to be about 60% open terrain which I think in this case favours the Guard in that their scoring units are in vehicles. I also think the Guard has a slight edge on overall firepower. In a very close match, I'd give it to the Guard.

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This one is interesting. I'm actually leaning towards the Tau for this, though.

First turn Night Fighting is largely ignored by the important Tau units - everything capable of destroying a tank has a Blacksun Filter. Target priority on the Wyverns and the Russ variants leaves a lot of big targets that the remaining IG vehicles can't effectively control.

This Tau list has a lot of Fusion guns, and a few units able to put them to good use. The Pirhana's should be able to bag a tank per turn (4 melta shots in the first turn), ML's help with accuracy and ignore cover. Likewise the crisis suits should carve through the armour fairly well (and the stealth suits even have a good chance). The Broadsides and Longstrike will do well against both armour and any infantry that's left out, and Riptide's aren't exactly slouches.

If the Tau list get's first turn, I think this could go quite well for them.

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I think Tau take this one. There's enough anti-vehicle weaponry in the list to really hurt the guard early game. 1st turn the stealth suits and piranhas will be in melta range, they should take out a vehicle each. As exarch says above the wyverns and russes will be target priority.

Further back to back up those melta shots you've got the broadsides throwing out a mass of s7 shots and a s8, all twin linked. That's going to cause some tank damage, even if they are just glancing it to death. The hammerhead should be capable of finishing off a wounded tank or taking out one of the lighter vehicles. Potentially turn one you're looking at 4 dead vehicles...

Then turn 2 you're looking at a potential deepstriking crisis suit unit armed to the teeth with meltas and missiles. They'll be after rear armour and that could get messy.

I think the guard have the edge in terms of manouverability, but with those bits of terrain dotting the place it'll be hard to take advantage of it. Add in the fact that stealth suits in cover are a BITCH to kill it's got to be tau.

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I've got put this down for TAU as well.

Those units can dish out a world of pain, and even if they don't get first turn if they put themselves into some cover things are going to get ouchy for the Guard. Tau with cover-saves are always a stone ---- to root out (So I hear anyway, never played against Tau...) and you combine that with the kind of damage that their heavy weapons can inflict, you are looking at the Guard having a bad time.
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