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Kill Points.

Start on the table with 1 troops choice. Everything else is held in reserve.

Set up:
Dawn of War

List 1
Fireblade 60
+fire warriors (10) 150

fire warriors (10) 150

TL fusion blaster
Missile pod
Shield generator 160
Crisis suits (3)
TL Fusion blasters
Missile pod (3)
Counter fire (3) 186

Piranhas (4)
Fusion blasters (4) 200

Smart missiles
Disruption pod 185

FNP 215

Broadsides (3)
H. Yield (2)
Target lock (rife) 200

Broadsides (3) as above 200

Pathfinders (10) 110

Pathfinders (10) 110

Stealth team (6)
fusion blaster (2) 190

List 2

Pask's 909th Assault Group (Astra Militarum CAD with Elysian Detachment D-99 Allies) [2000pts]

Pask's Leman Russ Squadron (Tank Commander Pask, Warlord, Leman Russ Vanquisher) with 2 Leman Russ Vanquishers, all three have Hull Mounted Lascannons [505pts]

Armour Defense Platoon (Infantry Platoon) [210 pts]
- 3 Infantry Squads with Krak Grenades
- Platoon Command Squad

Objective Defense Platoon (Infantry Platoon) [150 pts]
- 2 Infantry Squads with Krak Grenades
- Platoon Command Squad

Air Support Triad [465 pts]
- 3 Vultures with Twin Linked Punisher Gatling Cannons

Precision Bombardment Batteries [390 pts]
- 3 squads of 2 Wyverns each

Deep Operations Command Squad [120pts]
- D-99 Command Squad, Captain with Tracking Beacon, 4 meltagun Veterans

Deep Operations Support Squad Alpha [80 pts]
- D-99 Veteran Squad, Sergeant with 2 plasma pistols, 1 meltagun veteran, 3 lasgun veterans

Deep Operations Support Squad Bravo [80 pts]
- D-99 Veteran Squad, Sergeant with 2 plasma pistols, 1 meltagun veteran, 3 lasgun veterans

Total Loadout:
Vehicles (12 models):
3 Leman Russ Vanquishers with hull Lascannons
3 Vultures with Gatling Punisher Cannons
3 x 2 Wyverns
Infantry (75 models):
5 Infantry Squads with Krak Grenades
2 Platoon Command Squads
D-99 Command Squad with 4 meltaguns and a homing beacon
2 D-99 Veteran squads with 2 plasma pistols and a meltagun, each

Tactics depend on the terrain and the opponent. In most casts, wyverns will deploy in the most protected way possible, not needing line of sight to Shred things. Pask's Vanquisher Squadron will deploy for best LoS options possible. Majority of Infantry will deploy to protect the armour from alpha-strikes and the like, hopefully using conga line techniques to prevent drop pod spam if necessary. They can also deploy as two big squads instead of 5 if kill points is a thing. Any extras will camp objectives. D-99s will project a deep threat, and will drop down wherever they can have the most use. D-99s can also deploy normally if Deep Striking is not advantageous. Vultures are highly mobile and will hit priority targets as soon as they get on the board.
All in all, this list will shred anything that isn't heavily mechanized. Pask's Warlord trait gives Preferred Enemy(pick a factor) to the entire CAD. Wyverns will vape anything less than T8 very quickly, especially when there are high model counts. Vultures will likewise cause a lot of wounds to anything less than T10, can maul flyers, and can glance AV11. The vanquishers will concentrate on anything armoured first, and 2+ saves second. D-99's will aim to do as much backfield damage as possible, or if it's more advantageous, grab objectives. Platoon command squads will hide and send orders at the Infantry Squads, and become objective grabbers/bubble wrap as necessary. Finally, any vehicle that comes close to the Infantry Squads can expect to get swarmed with krak grenades.

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The mission kinda screws with both armies here. One troop choice starts on the board, everything else is in reserve. This game will definitely come down to who gets what out of reserve and when. Also a big factor is who gets what side of the board. the right side (or the picture) has lots of cover, while the left side has less cover. Because these factors are so fluid and will more than likely dictate the game in an unpredictable way, it's hard to pick a winner. However one constant is that the Guard have 22 kill points to give up and the tau have 13. For this reason and because I've been drinking, I'll give the match to the Tau.

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This is a hard one, as Andrewbeater said, there are a lot of variables and it comes down to the reserve rolls.

I agree that Tau might have the better chance here. Starting with only troops is a slight advantage for the Tau, as the IG troops have no long range or special weapons which gives the range and firepower advantage to the tau firewarrios. However, the flip side of that is the ability to blob the infantry squads and their numbers, not only reducing the available KP's, but you're looking at 35 bodies vs 10.

The wyverns will play havoc with the steal teams and path finders, however the pirhannas and crisis suits alone are going to cut a swathe through the vehicles.
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